Monday, June 16, 2008

Six Gun City, Jefferson, New Hampshire

I recently found a small bunch of slides from an amusement park in Jefferson, New Hampshire known as "Six Gun City". Even folks in the northeast weren't immune to the western craze sweeping the country! Here are a few highlights.

Six Gun City started life as a dairy farm owned by James and Eleanor Brady. They opened the little park in 1957, which must be around the time these photos were taken. According to the official website history, "When first opened, the Frontier Western Theme Park consisted of a few buildings, of which some were "fronts", an Indian Camp, and a Gift Shop. Visitors were entertained by Cowboy Skits, stagecoach, and pony rides, as well as artifacts on display."

Sounds like the Brady family and the Knott family had a lot in common! This Stage Coach has a "home made" look about it, not quite as fancy as the Disneyland and Knott's versions. But I'm sure it was lots of fun to ride! I love the way you can see that this park was built right in the middle of a small neighborhood. Notice the surrey the background.

Yeehaw! I sure hope they don't run into any unfriendly warring Indians tribes, I reckon these folks won't look so nice with their scalps missing.

Over the years, Six Gun City has expanded into a full-fledged theme park and water park, with roller coasters and other thrills that modern audiences expect. If you're ever in New Hampshire, be sure to check it out! From the looks of things, it still retains much of its 50's charm along its western area.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are, well, weird. That stage coach picture with the residential house in the background kinda kills the mood. That stage coach looks odd too; the sides look like they are made of cardboard. (That’s something I would do!). Thanks for these rare imagines!

ps. were stage coach wheels really YELLOW in the 1800's and if so, why?

outsidetheberm said...

Classic stuff! It's amazing what a few nails, a little chicken wire and determination can bring.


Anonymous said...

Wow those are some Vintage Photo's. I live in NH and have been to Six Gun a couple times. Though my travels normally steer me to one of the other parks in the area like Story Land, Santa's Village(also in Jefferson), or Clark's Trading Post. Though one mention was the water slides. fort Splash has been a part of the park for more then 20 years. long before the Combo park water park craze took face.

The park has indeed kept much of it's charm. that white house pictured as well a the power lines are now gone. Entering the picture was an expanded property, Rides (though not many) new buildings, and laser tag. Their most notable attraction is their very large selection of Sleighs and carriages that they have displayed. Including a rare NH built Concord Coach.

The attraction is not great. But worth a visit if your in the area and have the time. an easy hit along with Santa's Village which is right up the street.

Major Pepperidge said...

VDT, it does seem like stage coach wheels are often yellow, I did a Google image search! I wonder if this wagon was made of canvas stretched over a framework?

outsidetheberm, I figured you'd like these!

And michael c., thanks for the additional info, I really appreciate it.

Stephanie said...

It looks nothing like this anymore! Its run down, and there is one show, with a midget horse! My nephew begged to go last year, and sucked!

Matt B. said...

Wow, and to think i work there now! It certainly has changed! still cannot believe this is what it used to look like!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hello, I found this vintage post today while doing a search to find out more about this Six Gun City in Jefferson, NH. Apparently, it's been closed down for a number of years after a rebirth/rename of Fort Jefferson failed some years ago. We came across the site while on drive in the Jefferson, NH, area on June 28, 2020. The site is fenced off, but you can see beyond the fencing that many of the buildings look intact. I also learned there was a similarly named theme park located in KY and from the online photos it's in way worse shape than this NH one.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thank you Beatrice, I am astonished that the site for Six Gun City hasn't been developed as a shopping center or apartment complex. It would be fun to hop the fence and explore, though trespassing is not really my thing (!). Neat that you got to see it though, thank you for your comment!