Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wagons Ho! 1957

Back in ye olden days, Frontierland had two rides that couldn't handle a lot of people, and they were probably relatively expensive to operate, all things considered. I'm talking about the Conestoga Wagons and the Stagecoaches. Hey, lookie over there! You can see one of each as they trundle along the shores of the Rivers of America. Frontierland still looks pretty raw in '57, but we know that it will be a more convincing "untouched wilderness" in a very short time. Over in the right corner two fellows are apparently planting trees (or burying bodies) on Tom Sawyer Island. (I should add that today's photos might be from 1956, if our photographer mixed pictures from two visits into one bunch). 

Here's a different angle looking back toward the shore; I believe that the area where the little Stagecoach is would eventually be the location of Cascade Peak.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

I was not born yet and missed out on both the stagecoaches and wagons at Disneyland. If they were as much fun as the ones at Knott's I'm sorry I missed it. The mine train however was probably a lot easier to maintain and ate more people per hour.

K. Martinez said...

Is that the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge over by the castle?

Yes, I'd say that's the location of what would become Cascade Peak. It's always a kick to see the telephone poles at the back of the Park.

APH - I wasn't born yet either. It sure would've been cool to see Disneyland in its infancy with the stagecoaches, wagons and Viewliners.

Tom said...

That first picture has so many lost treasures in it, including the innocence of the "wilderness" with its infant trees and bare river banks. I'd pay a large sum of money to be able to go back and visit Disneyland at that time. Great photos!

Chuck said...

Those gentlemen are actually burying treasure in anticipation of the pirate overlay of Tom Sawyer Island.

Nanook said...

@K. Martinez-

You bet that's "the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge..." You can even spy the top mast from the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship in Fantasyland way off in the background.

Nice pics, Major.

Anonymous said...

@Chuck, I wish they were burying the lawyers who added the guardrails to Castle Rock.

In Disneyland, geologic time flows so fast, you can watch mountains rise and recede in a matter of years.


Chuck said...

@JG - Indeed. They could also throw in the executives who deferred maintenance on Ft Wilderness to the point where it needed to be torn down, then pile on the ones who decided to put that...that THING in its place.


Find a happy place, find a happy place...

Anonymous said...

The difference between 1956 and 1957 could be HUGE if a statute of limitations is involved for the "planting" those fellows with shovels are doing. Even today, they could be sitting in the OC watching a calendar very, very closely.

Bill in Denver

Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, yes, the Stagecoaches and the wagons were both gone before my time. I'm guessing they were a bumpy ride, but I sure wish I had seen the early Frontierland from them.

K. Martinez, that is definitely Rainbow Ridge. I'd always heard that Walt paid extra to have all telephone and electric lines buried, but I guess that only applied inside the berm.

Tom, how many times have I dreamed of having a time machine? About a million!

Chuck, if only it had been river pirates, and not the kind that terrorized the seven seas.

JG, I agree that the lawyers have managed to wring the fun out of most everything, but then again, they have the help of dumb people that sue Disney for a big undeserved payday. Like the guy who won $8000 for being stuck on "It's a Small World".

Chuck, you need to listen to some Kenny G. and do some yoga!

Bill, who do you think might be buried there?!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook (sorry I accidentally skipped you), one thing I notice is just how very hilly parts of Frontierland are. It's actually pretty impressive!