Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Casey Jr., 1996

Today's not-so-vintage photos feature the wonderful Casey Jr. Circus Train. He thinks he can! I love this classic attraction; what it lacks in thrills it more than makes up for in charm. 

This first picture is really nice, taken from the rear of the train looking forward as Casey Jr. heads over the stone arch bridge. With the lush landscaping, even the Matterhorn feels like it belongs.

Here's a nice detail of the little depot (and former ticket booth). I hate to be critical, but that sign is a bit much; a simpler, more graphic approach would look much better in my opinion. But it's not a big deal! I wish I could find a copy of Bruce Bushman's (one of the very early concept artists) original sketches of this structure... the finished product is remarkably faithful.

And finally, one last look as Casey returns from his journey. The cave to the right is the "Cave of Wonders" where Aladdin found his lamp; that scene is only visible from the Storybook Land boats.


Chuck said...

Casey Junior has been one of my favorite attractions since my first visit to Disneyland at age two and a half. It made a big enough impression on me that I can still remember, some 42 years later, looking across the car labeled "Monkeys" and seeing my grandparents beaming down at me. Thanks for dragging up these wonderful memories.

The Cave of Wonders is also visible from the Storybook Land Snorkeling Tour.

Melissa said...

That fist shot is gorgeous. At first, I didn't even notice that it was the Matterhorn, it looks so natural.

K. Martinez said...

I'm not much of a fan of some of the current signage at Disneyland either.

Nice shot of the hidden Skyway station.

Tom said...

I love that first shot. It's timeless, like it could have been taken in any year (well, excluding pre-1959, because of that Matterhorn), and it captures so many cool elements of the ride. It makes you curious to know what's just around the curve up ahead...

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, if only you had a snapshot of your grandparents in the "Monkeys" car! (not to be confused with the Monkeemobile).

Melissa, it's interesting, Mr. X (who took todays photos) took an almost identical photo nearly 30 years earlier with his Instamatic!

K. Martinez, little things (like signs) can make a big difference; it is hard to believe that Disney doesn't have artists that are capable of making beautiful, elegant (or just fun) signs.

Tom, your comment sums up that first shot perfectly.

JG said...

Oh, I love these. Thank you, Major. Terrific shots of my favorite attraction.

Like Chuck, this one is the source of my earliest memories of Disneyland.

@Tom, I agree completely. This little ride has come down to us only gently changed, and I think, mostly for the better. I wish there was some little reference to Beauty and the Beast in there, but the newer stories have integrated very nicely.

These are the photos that keep me going, thanks Major.


...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

Whatever happened to those lovely little waterfalls at the cave's entrance and exit? So little can really add so much.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, it's funny how some of these low-key, simple attractions engender so much love from people who grew up with them. I wonder if "kids these days" will feel the same way 20 years from now.

...But It Wasn't Always That Way!, you can see a small waterfall just to the left of the cave opening if you look carefully; presumably the other one is still there as well.

JG said...

Maybe all of you know this already, but there are a number of video "ride-throughs" of Casey and the Canal Boats on YouTube.

I don't remember the little waterfalls clearly, but maybe they will show up there.

There are several filmed from the back of the caboose, I can watch those over and over. Sad, isn't it.