Monday, April 29, 2013

Two From 1966

I have so many photos taken from the Skyway, but shots looking in this direction (south-ish) are not common. There's the li'l House of the Future - its days are numbered! The yellow tent is part of Monsanto's exhibits; just above the point of the tent you can see the large administration building. Some familiar Main Street rooftops can be recognized; but what is that flying saucer thing on the horizon? 

Why, it's the futuristic Anaheim Convention Center, or at least the steel skeleton of it! It's kind of neat to see it under construction. Nowadays the convention center is considerably bigger, and is the site of the D-23 Expos, among other things.

Monorail tracks cross the massive parking lot - now the site of Disney California Adventure - and I believe that this shot was taken from a Monorail train as it was headed to the Disneyland Hotel. 


Nanook said...

It would be bad news if the last shot was taken from a Monorail train - as there's only one Monorail beamway - and we're looking at it. It would be more likely the shot was taken from the stairway, walkway or top landing leading up to the Monorail Room (Cocktails ahead), and onward to the Monorail platform.

Tom said...

You gotta wonder what our photographer was captivated by when he took that last shot: Sea of cars? Monorail beam? High-tension lines? Gotta use up the roll? It's all good... helps us remember what was there before DCA moved in.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, what about the Mini Monorail?

Tom, there are always photos that make me wonder WHY the photographer took them. It is possible that they were impressed by the sheer size of that parking lot, I guess.

K. Martinez said...

Love the first image. You can see the alpinish trees next to the yellow tent. Even if the Skyway was still at the Park today you gotta wonder if this view would be possible with all the overgrown trees existing there today.

Nanook said...


By 1966 the Mini Monorail had been eaten by the Midget Autopia, before being retired.

Anonymous said...

So cool to see the steel framing of the Convention Center. What an odd shape. Someday, I have to go to an event there, just to see the interior.

Also, I will praise the parking lot photo for Thufer. I haven't heard from him for months, I hope he is OK.


...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

Cocktails, the old Disneyland Hotel, and the parking lot in one shot... This could be my new desktop!

Nancy said...

Pretty cool. Looks like some alien rising out of the ground :D

Anonymous said...

Why take that picture? Could be as simple as "hey, there's our car!" and out comes the Instamatic.

Who knew then that we'd be guessing about it now!

Bill in Denver

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I like the word "alpinish"! I didn't really notice, but there sure are a lot of evergreen/conifer trees there, as you say. I sense a conspiracy!

Nanook, oh yeah, I think I remember reading about that terrible event!

JG, Do they even use that old building any more? I know it's still there; it's hard for me to get a feel for how large it is. By the way, you are not the first person to mention Thufer, SO… Thufer, if you are out there, drop us a line and let us know that you are OK.

…BIWATW!, you should definitely use that picture as your new desktop. The price is right!

Nancy, the building probably actually flies. The President can use it in case of emergencies.

Bill, you are right, maybe they saw their Rolls Royce out there. I always looked for our family car, but never could spot it.

Dave said...

I want each and every car in the last pic, including that cool Chevy pickup.