Monday, March 12, 2007

Town Square, '56 & '59

It looks like it was a beautiful summer day when this photo was taken in 1956. There are lots of people milling about, some of them eyeing the horseless carriage...maybe they weren't sure they could ride in it. Get out those "A" tickets, you might as well use them!

Now we jump to January 1959. The only thing that really interested me about this photo is the tour guide, who is NOT wearing the standard plaid outfit with cap and riding crop. I didn't know that they ever had another uniform at any time.


Anonymous said...

Love the tour guide, I've never seen that outfit however. Look at the pavement in that second photo? Are those cheap asphalt repairs along the curb area? Wow, you won't see that nowadays! It looks like my driveway!

Anonymous said...

I love that tour guide too. Looks like she's scolding somebody.

Connie Moreno said...

LOVE that aqua dress the lady on the extreme left is wearing in the first photo. I had something similar back in the 80s! And the tour guide looks like she stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting!