Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adventureland Entrance and Main Street Surrey

Today I'm serving up two somewhat random photos for your viewing pleasure. First up is this nice picture of the entrance to Adventureland only two days before the end of 1956. The foliage is still rather sparse, affording us a better view of the buildings than we would get today. It looks strange without the Tiki Room! There is a sign that is edge-on to us to the left, I wonder if that was one of the maps of the area to help visitors find their way around?

I noticed on my last visit to Disneyland that the "elephant tusks" on the sign had been painted to resemble wood. Just in case anyone believed that they were genuine ivory? No elephants were killed in the creation of Disneyland, folks. Don't worry about it!

Next we see jump to 1964 for a look at the Main Street Surrey. Thanks to "Oklahoma!", you can't have a surrey without fringe on top. Some kinda law or somethin'. Looks like you could wait beneath a shady tree if you wanted a ride, which is nice. A kid with mouse ears looks pretty excited as he hops on board.


Matterhorn1959 said...

The surrey image is quite nostalgic. I love the tree. The tree has been removed and in its place is an outdoor vending site.

Anonymous said...

The sign is most likely a menu board for the pavillion. The size is about right.