Thursday, March 15, 2007

Skyway Ride, January 1962

Today's photo isn't too different from one that I posted a few weeks ago. We're looking towards the Fantasyland Autopia, and the Motor Boat Cruise to the extreme left. In the distance, suburban sprawl is slowly taking over Orange County. Run for your lives!

I get the biggest kick out of this modest picture! Sort of a "you are there" feeling, after passing through the big (mostly empty) Matterhorn mountain, we are about to exit into Tomorrowland, which appears below us...looking pretty wonderful.

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Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

That 2nd image gave me a serious "YOU ARE THERE" feeling Major.

The last ride I had on ANY Disney Skyway was in WDW several years ago (obviously). I had already learned through whatever Al Lutz site was currently operational that it was going to be gone within a few months so we rode it many times during that WDW vacation.

The Disneyland Skyway (minus the ugly Fantasyland rooftop HVAC adornments) is so sorely missed . . . . .

Pictures like this really take me back. Thanks.