Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NY World's Fair

It's back to the fair we go...the 1964 New York World's Fair, of course. I love this first photo, showing a view taken next to one of the busy roads near the fair (the Long Island Expressway? I'm a California boy, what do I know). The fair seems to have magically sprung up in the midst of the city. From left to right you can see the Unisphere and the giant photos atop the Eastman Kodak pavilion. You can also see the tiled roof of the Republic of China pavilion, and part of the Tower of the Four Winds. The "white umbrella with legs" is the Johnson's Wax building, and finally the Tower of Light.

This next photo was taken from the undulating "moondeck" of the Eastman Kodak Pavilion, looking towards the Pepsi Cola building. There's that famous Tower of the Four Winds again. Rolly Crump's creation seems to epitomize fun and happiness! The Disney folks encouraged people to say, "Meet me beneath the Tower of the Four Winds". Eastman Kodak wanted you to "Meet me at the Kodak Picture Tower". I like the Four Winds tower, personally.


Tinker Bell said...

I always wished they had put the Tower of the Four Winds in Disneyland. It's such a lovely piece! Was there any specific reason that anyone knows as to why this wasn't placed in Disneyland along with other Disney Worlds Fair exhibits?

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the costs of moving the tower back to California were too high, so it was cut up into little pieces and thrown into the Flushing River. I believe Jim Hill had an article on Disney at the NYWF that discusses this.

Susan's Snippets said...

Major Pepperidge - Are you able to send me your email address? I have a friend who is 82 years old and he is talking to me via email today about a place called The Leprechaun, which was a lounge down the street from Disneyland - are you at all familiar with that? Thank you for any help. Susan Moody

Major Pepperidge said...

msmoo, I am afraid I don't know anything about the hotels, lounges, mini-golf courses, and other stuff that was around Disneyland. But I'd love to hear about the Leprechaun!

medavey2000 at yahoo dot com

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