Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rainbow Ridge, 8-61 and 6-58

I know we've seen plenty of photos of Rainbow Ridge. Remember when you actually got excited to see images of this extinct attraction? And now you sit there eating bonbons and playing your ukelele (which needs tuning, by the way). For shame!

There's not much of a crowd waiting to ride the Mine Train in this first image. If I could turn back the clock, how many times in a row would I ride this attraction? One fun detail is the pack mules visible on the hillside above the buildings (to the right). I'd love to see night shots of this area, with the strings of colored lights overhead.

This next photo is not entirely in focus, but it goes with the first picture, so you're stuck with it! Was the trestle to the left purely decorative? I can't imagine what would have crossed those tracks. You can just see the horses that pull the Stage Coach coming into view...they wouldn't be employed for much longer (the pulled their last coach in September 1959).


Matterhorn1959 said...

The stroller parking in the first shot is cool. I think those are the original strollers for rent. (And I know how much everyone likes strollers!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch. Rainbow Ridge was one of my personal magic places in Disneyland. It is so great to be able so see these pictures.