Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sub Lagoon, August 1969

The planet may be running low on natural resources, but one thing we will never run out of is photos of Tomorrowland's Submarine Lagoon. Today's examples are all from August of 1969. 

Huh. This one's not so great. But at least you get a good look at some of the fencing, of which a tiny bit still remains after all these years. 

This one is also less than wondrous, but it's a view from the Peoplemover, which counts for extra points. There's another full pplmvr train across the way, and Balinese shadow puppets ride in the Skyway buckets overhead. 

I don't know why I am so enamored of that crystal clear pool that eventually cascades over the subs, except that (as I've remarked before) I REALLY want to swim there. Just lounge around, sip a cool drink, and watch the World of Tomorrow go by. I'll invite Hef and the girls!


Nanook said...


I think we've all had the same thought about donning the proper swimwear and diving into that 'crystal clear pool', and then simply luxuriating-around those waters. And if the occasional mermaid should happen by, well....

Thanks, Major - I feel more refreshed already.

Debbie V. said...

Sky buckets, people mover, monorail, and submarine - all in one picture. It's what I love. And the buckets are full too!

Chuck said...

You should do a post of nothing but fencing. I mean actual fences, not shots of Guy Williams doing guest appearances with a rapier in Frontierland or people selling stolen goods in the dear, departed parking lot. Might be a way to use a few slides that aren't even good enough to rate as "meh."

Maybe a "guess where?" feature? Winners get a premium two-month subscription to the GDB website?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great shots of one of my favorite areas of the park. It's one the few Disney bodies of water you can see through.

I know it got a stay of execution from the bean counters (probably for the 60th Anniv. at least)but to think they would take out this pool for some future Marvel rides makes me sick.

K. Martinez said...

In the first image there's a little bit of a red motor boat in the turn-around area. The transportation layers are all in view. Very nice.

In the second image, the Tomorrowland skyline minus Space Mountain looks so flat. Disneyland's "mountain range" definitely provides majestic backdrops to its various "lands".

Water really is one of the key elements in the ambience of Disneyland. It awakens the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. Never tasted it though.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

What nice, bright, clear shots today!

And what is this "proper swimwear" of which you speak, Nanook? Just give me a watermelon and a stout pair of climbing shoes and I'm over that fence!

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

It's as if you could read my mind-!

Snow White Archive said...

Beautiful blues. Great color in these pics.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I've been humming "Balinese" by ZZ Top all day so thanks for that as well.

Last time was a few weeks ago when @Melissa said someone looked like Bart Maverick and it's was a day and a half of whistling the theme to that TV show. Oh well, time for my medication and tapioca.

Nanook said...

@ Alonzo P Hawk-

The sure cure for banishing any tunes stuck in your brain is to think of Annette singing Cómo está usted? or Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy. Then, of course, those songs become the "new rotation" locked-into your head. It may be a lose-lose situation.

"Bow-wow, bow-wow-!"

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, next time I am going to bring a hard hat - that way they will think I am just doing routine maintenance!

Debbie V, it does have a lot… but I've seen better pictures with those same things! Still, I am glad you like this one.

Chuck, if I was more industrious (or something), it might actually be a good idea. It's the kind of thing that FoxxFur might do at .Passport to Dreams Old & New. My dream is to figure out a way to do a "scratch 'n sniff" post.

Alonzo, I agree, I hate the idea of the lagoon going away, even though I am not crazy about the Nemo subs. Maybe they could incorporate a beautiful water feature into those possible Marvel rides (I know, they won't do it).

K. Martinez, wow, good eye! I didn't see that for a minute, even after you pointed it out. As for water, I totally agree with you, any water feature (waterfalls, rivers, ponds, swamps) add SO much to the park. One of my favorite things at DCA is the huge waterfall near the Grizzly River Run (or whatever it's called).

Melissa - what about a floaty inflatable friend? I had a sea monster pool buddy when I was a kid. I can still remember the plastic smell when he got warm in the sun.

Nanook, Melissa CAN read your mind!

Snow White Archive, thanks!

Alonzo again, your knowledge of classic ZZ Top is deeper than mine. And the theme to Maverick? I don't know that one either! I'm more of a "Rockford Files" boy (I've heard that many "Maverick" scripts were rejiggered for "Rockford").

Nanook #3, at some point I had that 2-CD set of Annette songs from Rhino Records, and as much as I love her, I just couldn't make it through everything. I mostly just listened to "The Monkey's Uncle" over and over.

Melissa said...

You should do a post of nothing but fencing. I mean actual fences...

Yeah, there's nothing like a good fence post.

The sure cure for banishing any tunes stuck in your brain is to think of Annette singing Cómo está usted? or Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy.

My sister says that the key is finding a "Drano Song" that's just strong enough to displace the stuck song, but weak enough not to get stuck itself. I've had no luck finding one, but she says "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" does the trick for her.

JG said...

Major, these are nothing short of wonderful, thank you so much for a trip to the Glory Days.

It's like asking for an egg with my beer, but I wish I could read the safety sticker on the PPLMVR railing.

@Chuck, if you are interested in fences (a peripheral topic), check out some of the "posts" (@Melissa, ) at Vintage Disneyland Tickets Blog (Link available in the GDB blogroll to the right).

He hasn't posted for a long time (hope he's ok), but his back catalog of site visits has a number of fence studies, particularly at the location he calls "Three Fences", which is at the junction of the Submarine and the old Motorboat lagoon, where 3 distinctly different styles of fence come together compatibly in one intersection.

Simply riveting for detail nuts like me.