Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Snapshots From the Early 1970's

Here's three more fun snapshots from the early 1970's, starting with this oddball shot taken during a performance by the Disneyland Band. Maybe the photographer wanted to include the two servicemen who are fuzzily visible just above that blonde lady's head. 

There's the Haunted Mansion! Even after all these years I can't get over how wonderful that building looks - beautiful, and convincing in every detail. If I was a ghost, I would want to live there.

It's always fun to find an unusual view, like this one, taken aboard one of the Horse Drawn Streetcars. I love the craftsmanship that went into these vehicles. Look at the oak benches! And even the wood roof is a thing of beauty. There's an advertisement for Carnation (Fresh Milk and Ice Cream)… the ad to the left is indistinct, but I believe it is for the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland.


JG said...

That last one has the perfect "you are there" feel to it.

Thanks Major!


Tom said...

Looks like a retired Black Bart there out for a stroll past the Haunted Mansion. Obviously needing the cane after taking a bullet to the knee, from our valiant Sheriff Lucky.

Instamatics are the best for giving that vintage reality feel to Disneyland scenes

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, that is definitely a "you are there" photo if I ever saw one!

Tom, ha ha, I think it IS Black Bart! ;-) He got lonesome for the old place.