Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rocket to da Moon, 1960's

If you're gonna build a rocket, it might as well go to the moon. I don't want a rocket to Fresno (no knock against Fresno, I just don't want to take a rocket to get there). This first photo was taken by somebody who was about 25 feet tall, by the looks of it. That would make him tall enough for all of the attractions! Those red checkered sun screens make me feel like I just won a race. The lovable li'l Astro Jets is spinning and spinning, I always enjoy seeing it. 

This photo was taken by a normal-sized hu-man. I always assumed that this ride had a rather small capacity, yet I never see it with a large crowd waiting to get in. Maybe it was more of a "people eater" than I thought?


Debbie V. said...

Looks like a poster for Frontierland in the bottom left with Tom Sawyer - I wonder if the rest of the poster included the Mark Twain. I'm thinking it was placed there as a reminder of how far we had come in transportation - one of Walt's themes.

Major Pepperidge said...

Debbie V., that is one of the posters that I covet! It is for three Frontierland attractions; the "Stage Coach Ride", "Mine Train Ride", and "Mule Pack Ride". It's really rare and has a fun, awesome design.

Debbie V. said...

Major -- and then still about transportation :) The ride the Nature's Wonderland was always something I looked forward to the most.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

The red and white checkers everywhere make it seem like tomorrowland was sponsored by Purina Dog Chow. Not so futuristic. Maybe the official dog food of the Jetsons dog Astro, that would fit the theme (but wouldn't be Disney).

Nanook said...


Yes, let's go easy on Fresno. For after all, according to Domino Sugar... "It's the gateway to Yosemite". And just think how cool you'd look arriving at that 'gateway' in a Rocket to the Moon-??!!

Irene said...

If memory serves me correctly I don't think the line was long for Mission to the Moon and the inside of the "ship" was filled. So guess it was a people eater. Good times, watching us blast off and leaving Disneyland behind and then coming back in for the landing was always a favorite for me.
Debbie V. - I loved the Nature's Wonderland ride and I miss it to this day. Too bad it took up so much valuable property. Sigh. I also miss the blacklit rocks display in the building next door (now the area where you get the Mexican food.

K. Martinez said...

As for the popularity of "Rocket to the Moon", I'd assume some of the guests were hidden inside the lobby area, the briefing room, the control center and the two theaters (each holding 102 guests). That would eat up a lot of people and help alleviate any crowding outside the building.

Alonzo - When I think of Ralston Purina, I think of the Rice, Wheat and Corn Chex cereals I used to eat as a kid in the 1960s. I'd be eating the stuff and thinking; "This stuff is made by the pet food company?".

Nanook said...

@ Nancy-

A reference to Mineral Hall, sponsored by Black Light Corp. of America. And for your convenience, located right next store to the Assay Office. I, too, have very fond memories of strolling past all the "minerals" all-a-glow from being bathed in black light. It was the perfect coda after disembarking from a trip thru Nature's Wonderland.

Nanook said...


I guess that should'a been Irene. Tsk, tsk, tsk. My error.

Major Pepperidge said...

Debbie V., the stage coach, mine train, and pack mules are definitely all forms of transportation, but they might just qualify as plain old rides too!

Alonzo, you're right! Ralston Purina, sponsors of the Tom Mix radio show. You remember!? (kidding). Dog chow? No way, MONKEY CHOW is where it's at!

Nanook, I was easy on Fresno! I never heard that it was the gateway to Yosemite. What an odd thing to brag about… "We're really close to someplace awesome!".

Irene, I think I only saw "Mission to Mars", and never the moon version, though my understanding is that they were very much the same, with minor variations of course. And I am a sucker for things that glow under a black light, which might partially explain my love of dark rides, hippie posters, and yes, fluorescent minerals.

K. Martinez, 102 people doesn't sound like very many to me, but if they offset the shows so that one ran every few minutes, I guess it could eat up a lot of people every hour. And you make a good point about the lobby area. I also agree with you about Purina making animal chow and "people" cereal. Weird!

Nanook, do you know if they sold minerals (and maybe even black lights)? Or was the Mineral Hall strictly a display?

Nanook said...

@ Major-

They sold little miniature packs of "fluorescent" minerals, along with other glow-in-the-dark bric-a-brac, including blacklights. (I just wanted to use more than my usual number of hyphens). And even a glowing Tinker Bell wand-!