Friday, September 13, 2013

Matterhorn, August 1963

I'm not sure why I like today's first photo so much; it's not a spectacular composition or an ultra-rare subject; You do get a good sense of the massive scale of the Matterhorn, and I love the waterfalls, the little stone bridge, and the old Skyway buckets passing through the nasal cavity. And I can picture myself walking with the crowd toward Fantasyland (what should I ride over there?), Sub Lagoon to my right, hearing the happy screams of bobsled riders.

What a great shot of the old single-sled bobsleds (in fact, you get three sleds for the price of one!); the riders have survived their harrowing journey through the mountain, thank goodness mom didn't lose her glasses.


K. Martinez said...

It's so cool how Disney combined the rockwork of the Submarine Lagoon with the rockwork of Matterhorn Mountain to give the sense that both attractions belong together even though they're from different worlds.

Great catch on those three bobsleds in the second image. I like the grass in this scene. I wonder when they added the side storage tracks for the bobsleds. Another extra cool set today. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, it is pretty amazing to consider how we completely accept a Swiss mountain right next to a tropical lagoon! But that's how Disneyland rolls.

I am anxious to see how the new-ish bobsleds are, since I will be experiencing them for the first time next Friday!

K. Martinez said...

@Major - Definitely share what you think about the new Bobsleds. I'm 6'4 and found them to be a painful experience, so I'm curious to know what your opinion is.

Melissa said...

Hey, it's the lady in the spiffy blue checked dress from the Flower Mart post from last month! And unless I'm much mistaken, she's with the skinny Matrix-agent guy and dark-bloused blond woman from that post, too. So, I'm guessing she's the mother of one of them, and her husband in the photographer.

And there's the younger couple in the Matterhorn sled! Mom must not have been up to riding, but proud Dad's there to get a picture. They must have stuck a strange single rider in with the kids, 'cause I don’t recognize her from any other pictures.

Is it just me, or do the little girls in the center of the first picture look like they're making some sort of hand gesture? Were they old enough back then to have been signaling some cute boy to call them?

The "vase of flowers" print on the lady's dress to the left of them is something you don't see every day. She should head off to the Flower Mart herself now that the Bluecheck-Matrix family has cleared out and find some accessories. There's a possible babushka right above Mrs. Bluecheck, but at that distance and blur it could just be a fluttering hair ribbon or something. Probabushka?

Matt G. said...

Major - I'm 5'4" and found them painful as well. I used to love the Matterhorn, but new sleds take all the fun out of it for me.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I will definitely do a brief trip report afterwards!

Melissa, you are right, it's the same lady. Those girls look a bit young to be wanting boys to call them, but what do I know. As for that other lady's dress, I can't tell what that pattern is. I think it looks like old fashioned oil lamps. Which would be weird.

Matt, oh man, I am really dreading the Matterhorn experience now. BUT… I'm still going to see for myself! Such a bummer, I love that ride.