Sunday, September 01, 2013

Frontierland, 1956

I'm sure relatively few people know that there used to be a Conestoga Wagon ride in Frontierland - I think I heard it mentioned on a recent podcast, and then the hosts decided that they really meant that there was a Stagecoach. Real Conestogas didn't have open sides, because they didn't care about the thousands of miles of monotonous scenery. Oregon or bust!

This Indian Village might be friendly, but it looks kind of barren. A few house plants, some frilly curtains, and 10 or 15 throw-pillows would really brighten the place up. Don't forget the "Hang in there baby" poster.


Nanook said...


Somewhere I know there's film footage of yours truly sitting in a Conestoga Wagon - just where-? Certainly the fact it was omitted from the "triple", Frontierland attraction poster: (Stage Coach Ride/Mine Train Ride/Mule Pack Ride) didn't help things.

And as for the 'barrenness' of the Indian Village, I see that Rural Electrification has already arrived. How far away do you suppose cable television service could be-? (I think I'll check-up on the local real estate scene).

Thanks, Major.


That's a "Tele-Totem" pole in the background!

Nancy said...

Yeah, just think, if they had only tapped into one of those telly poles, things would have been mighty different!!

K. Martinez said...

Love all Frontierland photos with the Tele-Totems.

I guess the boy and his dog standing on the canoe didn't arrive until two years year later.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I'm a little confused… you aren't sure if the Conestoga Wagon that you were in was at Disneyland? Maybe the footage is from Knott's; they had a "covered wagon" ride (as well as the stagecoach), and let's not forget the stationary examples at the Wagon Camp. As for the electrification, it is known that some Indian tribes used electricity to make frozen daiquiris.

Mike Cozart, you are obviously well-versed in the history of the old west!

Nancy, you could be right….

K. Martinez, you'd think that Walt would have been really bothered by those particular telephone poles, they are so out of place. Maybe he was waiting for the trees to get big enough to hide them.

Nanook said...


Sorry for the confusion. The "somewhere" referred to the roll of film. The location was definitely Disneyland.

Melissa said...

I used to mishear "covered wagon" as "cupboard wagon." It made sense to me, because the chuck wagon in Western movies was usually some Conestoga-type affair, and I figured the food came from kitchen cupboards inside.

Judging by this picture, the cupboards were full of elbow macaroni.

Nanook said...

Once again, Melissa nails it-!

And thanks to her helpful suggestion yesterday, I'm now fully ensconced at the "Downer Motor Inn", featuring the 'Toe In Coffin' pool.

Snow White Archive said...

Throw-pillows can do wonders. They should be incorporated into the Middle East peace talks. :)