Sunday, September 08, 2013

Casey Jr., October 1972

Welcome to "Boring Sunday"! I'm using up some photos that didn't quite make the grade. 

OK, here's an embarrassing admission: I'm not sure that I knew that the Casey Jr. ride was formally called the "Casey Jones Jr. Railroad". Did you? I've probably seen a hundred photos with this sign, but never really read it. Certainly by the 1990's the attraction no longer went by that name.

Our Skyway bucket has just left the Fantasyland Chalet, and we quickly lean out and snap a photo of what's below us. Which happens to be good ol' Casey Jr!


Nanook said...


Love the shot from the Skyway. Makes me want to be there right now. Oh, wait - I'd need a jetpack or a slow moving parachute. Harrumph-!

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Your photos that don't quite make the grade are still great to look at. Especially the Skyway view. It's very unusual. I don't think I've ever seen a view of the Casey Jr. train and the station from that angle before. Very nice.

Melissa said...

Linda makes any 1970's shot more mysterious.

I love any pictures of Casey, Jr.R.R., having never seen it in person. The aerial one is especially neat.

PsySocDisney said...

AHahahahaha Melissa I love it. Poor Linda is gonna find this site someday and it will blow her mind.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you're too kind.. it's not a great shot, but I guess it is unusual, which counts for something.

K. Martinez, I feel like I must have at least one or two other pictures of the Casey Jr. station as seen from the Skyway, but... I can't actually recall any!

Melissa, Linda certainly does look mysterious. "Why is she so upset?". That's the mystery!

PsySocDisney, I hope "Linda" does find this site and let us know what was going on that fateful day.

JG said...

These odd angle shots enhance the "I am there" feeling for me.

Great pics lately, Major. A veritable treasury of Casey, Storybook and Pirate Ship. Love it.


StoryBookLand said...

Every time I visit the land of Disney and I pass by the stairs to the skyway chalet, I want to jump that "cast members only" stanchion and run up those steps for old times sake! Let's do it! Come on, who's with me?!...

~ Andrea