Saturday, October 06, 2012

Welcome to Indiana

Today we're going to visit the Hoosier state - Indiana! Why? Because I had these two cool photos, that's why!

I know basically nothing about car racing, but even as a tadpole I was aware of the Indianapolis 500. You can watch those Indy cars go 'round and 'round, 200 laps (for a total of 500 miles, of course).  It sounds a bit monotonous to me, but my sister went one year and said that the energy of the crowd and the roar of the engines (none of which you get on TV) adds a lot to the experience. I'll take her word for it! I'll always root for the car with the "Tide" advertisements, just because I like those graphics. And hey, an exciting accident (with no injuries) will always spice things up, am I right?

Meanwhile, check out this fun photos (from sometime in the 1950's) showing the entrance to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The lady's red skirt is just the accent this picture needs!

Thanks to that license plate, we can date this photo to 1949. That kid is about as all-American as they get! I hope he is planning on changing his clothes before tearing around with that football. Mom doesn't need to deal with grass stains.


Nanook said...

The lovely red skirted lady is partially hiding a 1953 Chevrolet. And in the background on the right, is a 1957 Oldsmobile. And perhaps a 1958 Dodge in the right foreground.

Our all-American boy is standing in front of a 1949 Studebaker Land Cruiser. (This, as opposed to the failed attempt at an 'Ocean Cruiser').

Designed by the famous Virgil Exner (although credit was often attributed to Raymond Loewy), Exner went on to be responsible for the "Forward Look" of the 1955-63 Chrysler cars.

Rich T. said...

So right about the red accent! I also like the red license plate on that awesome Studebaker.

I usually root for the M&M car.

K. Martinez said...

Such contrast in landscape to the Laguna Seca Raceway I grew up with in my area.

I used to be so into this when I was a kid. Today I'm clueless about anything to do with it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you guys and your car knowledge! I admit I am a little jealous. I meant to mention the Land Cruiser, which could be read on the front of the car. But I forgot!

Rich T., how can you root for M&M's versus Tide? Those glowing orange concentric circles, zowie! ;-)

K. Martinez, sounds like you are a real SoCal native! Those raceways are so evocative of a certain era. I can't help but think of Von Dutch and Big Daddy Roth.