Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Run Silent, Run Not So Deep

Check out the sub, bub! I also call it a hoagie. I love the elaborate rock work, the beautiful waterfalls, the blue-green water, and the leprechaun. You see him, don't you? I'm not crazy.

I'm not sure if my brain is feeding me a false memory, but I associate the smell of diesel fumes with the Submarine Voyage. Which means that I am often made very happy while walking around Los Angeles.


Rich T. said...

Yep, diesel equals Subs, and gas stations remind me of Autopia. If only they could package these scents as harmless air fresheners!

And somehow "Hoagie Voyage" just doesn't have the same ring...

bloefeld said...

The old grey subs ain't what they used to be. I remember the diesel smell, too. I love these pics, Major.
Makes me long for the days of giant squids, sea monsters and mermaids. I miss liquid space!

Thufer said...

Oh goodness. I have and will always believe that the world was a better place when water was aqua, rocks were faux-natural and all submarines were GRAY!

K. Martinez said...

Oh, how I miss the original look and feel of the Disneyland '59 expansion. The open vistas that are no longer existent. When submarines were a cool grey and you could clearly see the passengers in the monorail trains passing overhead, now obsured by tinted glass.

Where there was once a place that was happening, now feels like a forgotten land. Today I feel no affection for this area at all.

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T., I specifically remember being at LAX when I was a kid, and when I smelled bus fumes I instantly thought of the Submarine Voyage!

bloefeld, the Imagineers did a brilliant job with the original sub attraction, combining all of the best myths of the sea.

Thufer, I'm sure people are wondering why anybody would want the subs to be gray instead of cheerful yellow and blue. You had to be there!

K. Martinez, I can only hope that somebody has some bright ideas for improving Tomorrowland, even if it doesn't happen for 10 years.

Melissa said...

Rich T., how about "Hoagie's Heroes?"

Anonymous said...

Major, that diesel smell does the same thing to me. I associate it with the DLRR Grand Canyon view also.

I thought that's why they're called "submarine sandwiches", because they keep surfacing.

Also, What Thufer Said.