Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Tis a Small World

It's September 1966, and "It's a Small World" had only been open for about four months. It appears that construction wasn't quite done (although who knows, these pictures could have actually been snapped months before the date that is stamped on them). My favorite thing about this photo? The guy in the blue-green flowered shirt. He is my hero.

Bon Voyage!


Nanook said...

I'd be a little nervous wearing that flowered shirt - without a proper hat, that is. (My flowered shirts of the day were decidedly more "muted" - but still cool, though).

Rich T. said...

Can we make it a Mouskarule that everyone has to be at *least* as well-dressed as Flowered-shirt Guy to enter Disneyland?

These are great photos -- and I like the original boats much better than their Fisher-Price replacements.

Melissa said...

Looks like the Men in Black paid a call to Disneyland in 1966. Probably checking Tomorrowland for real spacemen.

K. Martinez said...

I like the Small World fa├žade against the overcast sky.

I still dress nice but comfortably when visiting Disneyland, however those shoes the guys are wearing wouldn't work for long after walking all day in the park.

Rich T., "Fisher-Price replacements". I love it! I knew those new boats reminded me of a familiar child’s toy.

Katella Gate said...

Funny to compare the Haunted Mansion with It's a Small World. The mansion of course lingered for long years between construction and opening, but It's a Small World just sprang up like a mushroom in the field. Still there was a personal element of waiting for me. I had the misfortune to visit Disneyland shortly before the opening. The facade was finished, but of course... no admission. I had to wait a long time before I got inside.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I would proudly wear that shirt today!

Rich T., he is casual but classy. I'll bet he fought in WWII, what do you want to bet?

Melissa, now you know too much. Don't answer the door!

K. Martinez, I dunno, I am usually partial to a blue sky in most pictures. Everything looks better against a blue sky! I'll bet those people only visited Disneyland for half a day, if that. Staying at the park from opening to closing is an endurance test most old timers aren't interested in.

Katella, I think I might have a picture of IASW looking complete, but probably not open yet. Thanks to the fact that it had been such a success at the World's Fair, it was easy to replicate it at Disneyland in a timely fashion.