Friday, October 26, 2012

Souvenir Letters, 1955 - Part Two

Note: I will be out of town for the weekend, and away from computers for most of the time! But I will check in when I can.

It's souvenir time again! I am sharing the remaining batch of pre-printed letters that were available at the park in the early years (these are "copyright 1955"). See the three letters and their accompanying envelopes HERE.

The envelope for the Frontierland letter features a very creepy bunny, perhaps an ancestor to Br'er Rabbit. When you get close enough, he is going to ask if you for money.

Again with the rabbits? Wuffo? The text is, as always, corny and funny. "Zippers in their wigs" indeed! Notice the mention of New Orleans, many years before New Orleans Square was added to the park. For a second I was so interested in the "... special compartment where mothers can take naughty youngsters", until I realized that I had been completely pwned. 

Fantasyland. Hey, I've been there!

You know what? People are damn hard to draw. Let's just populate Fantasyland with cartoony animals and be done with it. The puns are painful, and yet I love them just the same.

In the future, trees will be will be spherical.

And last but not least (in fact it's my favorite), we have the letter from Tomorrowland! I love the line about asking the lady behind you to remove her hat in Circarama. And how about "Shine on havest Earth"? Eat your heart out, Bruce Vilanch.

I hope you have enjoyed these vintage souvenir letters!


Nanook said...

Hmmmmm, a Bruce Vilanch reference. Gotta admit the humorous copy in these letters is about as funny as a typical OSCAR telecast show. Ugh-!

Thanks, Major for this fun look back - and mind thy zipper-!.

Rich T. said...

The Tomorrowland letter is the most enjoyable...mostly 'cause those space folks remind me of Gyro Gearloose's little helper!

Thufer said...

Thank you, these are simply a lot of fun.

Melissa said...

"In a roundabout way," heh heh. You just know the guy who wrote these was somebody's uncle.

The chipmunk in the teacup looks like he's about to yodel groceries. Look out, skunk!

K. Martinez said...

Rich T. - You're right. The space folk do look like Little Helper, one of my favorite Carl Barks characters.

Debbie V. said...

They are beautiful examples of a bygone era. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I don't know how Bruce Vilanch keeps getting the Oscar gig each year, but good for him I suppose.

Rich T., almost anything "Tomorrowland" is going to be my favorite, I confess.

Melissa, "yodel groceries" is now my official favorite euphemism for barfing.

K Martinez, I am not familar with Little Helper... time to Google it!

Debbie V, this is the kind of souvenir that I love... odd, and distinctly 1950's, AND very Disneyland.

walterworld said...

Love the commentary on the Frontierlnad bunny. He DOES look like he'll be asking far spare change!