Monday, October 29, 2012

Around New Orleans Square, 8-12-96

It's time for more photos from the Nifty 90's! 

Not too far from the entrance to the Haunted Mansion (which is out of frame to our left) you will find this lovely fountain. A friend of mine always calls it the "Spanish Fountain", though I'm not sure if anybody else calls it by that name. I like all of the trees and the pleasant view of the river beyond.

The next three are all from the New Orleans Square train station. I don't think it has changed much in the past 16 years, but I still enjoy seeing photos of it. Here is the tail-end of one train as it heads into the tunnel.

And the tail-end of a different train!

And finally, a nice view of the water tower, looking appropriately aged and weathered.


Rich T. said...

The beautiful, fully-functioning water tower is one of my favorite things in the park.

And I love that garden area. It's another perfectly-placed collapse-and-recover spot.

Katella Gate said...

I always had a grudge against that fountain. Rather than design or buy a period fountain, Disney just bought an off-the-shelf concrete one like you can see anywhere. Not gonna fly with me...

I suspect it also ushered in the "Toscano" era, where they just bought creepy statues for the Haunted Mansion out of Toscano Catalog, rather than design from scratch. They saved a lot of money I guess.

K. Martinez said...

I love the whole New Orleans Square/Frontierland Station. The backdrop buildings, water tower, tunnel behind Haunted Mansion, etc.

Katella Gate - I agree about the fountain. It's so unremarkable for Disneyland. It doesn't even look much like the fountains found in the real New Orleans or Jackson Square.

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T, any of that train-related stuff is awesome in my book!

Katella Gate, I always thought it was a nice, pretty fountain. Now it will be ruined for me forever! ;-) I never knew that Disney just purchased the statues (never heard of the Toscano Catalog).

K. Martinez, apparently there is a strong anti-fountain bias in the Disney community!

myrtle said...
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