Friday, October 05, 2012

More Vintage Disneyland Wardrobe Department!

Here is the last of the vintage scans from the Disneyland Wardrobe Department - for now! I thought this was really the last of them, and then Huck (who has been sharing these with all of us) revealed that he had more, but just hasn't had time to clean them up. So, think of this as a hiatus.

Arrrr! Here's our friend Sandy in her June 1970 Pirates of the Caribbean ensemble. I'm not so sure about the white pants (even the ladies get "floods"!), those don't feel very "piratey". Maybe she's one of the pirates that goes to a lot of garden parties or works in real estate.

Since this is the 13th VDWD post, it is only appropriate that we get to take a look at the costumes from the Haunted Mansion! Here is what the women's outfits would have looked like back in June of 1969. Not terribly different from today, if I'm not mistaken. Nice doily on her head! I love the bat in the hat.

What does a submarine skipper do when he retires from the service? In this case, he becomes a butler. A creeeeeeepy butler! "You rang?". Suddenly I realized that the thing that has been missing in my life is a purple vest.

I would like to thank Huck for sharing his collection of vintage Disneyland Wardrobe Department photos, and for all of his efforts in cleaning up the scans and doing considerable color adjustments, which I know took him a lot of time.


Rich T. said...

These three, as a trio, are my favorites of the wardrobe pictures -- Maybe it's the overwhelmingly awesome New Orleans Square vibe, but it all just makes me smile!

Nanook said...

Disneyland is truly the home of the 'flood control pants-! No self-respecting teenage boy would be caught dead wearing "last year's" pants. (Gals - I'll let you speak for yourselves).

Okay, I give up. Now just why would the lovely ghost hostess be wearing that odd-looking doily-like, bat adorned "hat" that gives every indication to be floating above her head-? Hmmm.

You know I once had a "trick" arrow that when properly worn on my head appeared to be entering one side of it and out the other. Awright - I'm done rambling.

Graffer said...

Thank you Huck.
The wardrobe pics have been great.

K. Martinez said...

The Haunted Mansion outfits are great.

A BIG THANKS to Huck for sharing his images of the Vintage Disneyland wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed this series.


The Haunted Mansion costumes were some of the first done by the NEW costume department of 1968----one interesting note is that in the 19th and early 20th century, most men wore some kind of a vest and a horizontal stripped vest meant you were a server or butler. Tom Pierce used the stripped vest pattern on other costumes like Club 33, Blue Bayou, and Plaza Pavilion ---I hope if the mansion costumes are ever drastically redesigned they will keep this historic detail in mind.

TokyoMagic! said...

Yes, thank you to Huck for sharing these images with us. These pics just reminded me that I saw a woman dressed in the current Haunted Mansion costume standing at a bus stop on Harbor Blvd. last week. I did a major double take as I drove past her!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

#3 looks grim but he isn't exactally grinning.

Matt said...

I have been enjoying this series VERY much, I hope Huck finds the time to do the rest.

Anonymous said...

The HM costumes noted June 1969 would be the initial ones worn as the attraction didn't open until August 1969. As for taking costumes home, for this CM of that era, that would have been a 'firing' offense. Things sure have changed...not always for the better.

RemainSeatedPlease said...

Because, a) the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes were vastly different during my stint at the Mouse House from 1977 to 1982, and 2) I don't think there was a redesign between 1970 and 1977, I will therefore speculate that Sandy is not sporting a PotC costume, but rather that of the late and lamented Chicken of the Sea ship in Fantasyland. All challenges to my theory will be happily ignored. (I may not be right, but I am stubborn.)

Melissa said...

Big thanks to Huck and the Major - this series has been awesome. So glad to hear there may be more later!

Sandy looks like she's ready to help Isaac serve pina coladas on the Love Boat.

And the floating maid's cap is definitely haunted.

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T., I think my favorites tend to be the more odd examples, like the parking lot attendants with the red plastic helmets.

Nanook, I really do wonder what is up with all of the floods. And I can only assume that, at some time in history, maids wore some sort of doily on their noggins.

Graffer and K. Martinez, I know Huck appreciates your compliments!

Mike Cozart, as always, thank you for the additional info.

TokyoMagic!, it is SO weird that cast members are allowed to wear their costumes outside of the park. And wrong.

Alonzo, that's because he isn't a ghost!

Matt, I know Huck will get around to the rest one of these days…

Anonymous, it is definitely a different time, and some people in charge don't care the way they used to.

RemainSeatedPlease, I can only go by what Huck tells me!

Melissa, Sandy isn't serving pina coladas, she is slamming them down one after the other. Because that's what pirates do.

Anonymous said...

Anon back one more time. I looked at Sandy's outfit and it also didn't register with me as a PoC costume. I worked the attraction back in '71 to '77.