Thursday, October 25, 2012

3D in 2D

Here are a few scans of some "ho-hum" stereo slides.

Normally this photographer took pretty good pictures, but the composition on this one leaves a LOT to be desired. I suppose the palm leaf does pop out at you when viewed through a stereo viewer but... so what?

Now for a familiar view of the most photographed dead settler of all time.

And finally, a stereo photo of a flat sign! Walt Disney's opening-day dedication speech is concise and inspiring; I can practically re-play the entire thing in my head, from the tinny audio quality to the particular midwestern twang of Walt's voice (slightly roughened by years of smoking). That's what happens when you've heard something a thousand times!


Nanook said...

It's rare that I either read or hear the audio from the dedication speech, and not be moved by it. Especially when you see the original kinescope of the reading of the dedication speech, it all seemed so matter-of-fact, almost being a ho-hum moment of the opening day festivities.

But that 'moment in time' and what it came to represent, has few equals. Although a dream in Walt's mind for many years, it was a few short years of real planning and a scant 12 months of construction, almost to the day, and look what the world was about to behold on that now famous day of July 17, 1955. And that was merely the beginning. Man-o-man-!!

Rich T. said...

Stereo slides? You've spoiled us -- We Want Wiggle Vision! I wanna see that palm leaf pop! :)

Katella Gate said...

I wonder if that first photo with the palm frond isn't a depth of field experiment or something.

K. Martinez said...

The dedication speech is burned into my memory too. It brings back warm childhood memories of watching Walt Disney introduce his weekly TV show when he was still alive. Something about his voice was comforting and magical.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I love the speech, but must have heard it too many times. One podcast I listen to plays it EVERY episode as an intro to a segment, for instance. I wish they would stop it!

Rich T, I have played with some stereo images that just don't seem to work in glorious Wigglevision, and these were some of those images.

Katella, it does look like the palm frond was allowed into the frame on purpose, but it's still a bad composition with 1/3 of the image consisting on empty cement.

K. Martinez, I remember the first time I saw the actual kinescope footage of the opening day ceremonies, and MAN did I wish I could have seen it in person!

Nanook said...


Sounds as if the 'creators' behind that podcast have adopted the current Disney philosophy of: "more is never enough". Personally, I usually subscribe to the: "less is more" philosophy.