Saturday, March 05, 2011

Three From 1969

1969! The world was full of hippies back then, living in communes, and making love (not war). Hippies listened to all kinds of crazy acid rock, and bathing was discouraged.

But I digress! This first photo was taken from the Peoplemover, just as it was about to pass above the Skyway station; this gives us a great perspective as the Skyway buckets move to and from the Matterhorn.

Now we're aboard the Disneyland RR, enjoying a view of some of the Small World topiaries below.

And finally, a view from aboard the Mark Twain. There appears to be a large crowd over by the newly-opened Haunted Mansion. Imagine riding that for the first time, before we all took it for granted!


Nancy said...

love these...

the first photo is awesome b./c so many of my favorite things are in it.

too bad the Tomorrowland Terrace stage was not having a show. that is one of my very favorite icons of the New Tomrrowland.

fortunately for us, he snapped this one while Monorail Yellow was in the station. even tho waiting a few seconds longer might have given a better view, they might have been too far over the rail to get it in the picture if they had waited until it was pulling out!

favorite ticket booth is there but hidden a bit by that tree as well as an aqua Peoplemover train.

then, of course, we come to the Skyway buckets, which I know i am in the minority on, but still am extremely fond of.....BRING THEM BACK, pretty please??!!

the other two pics are pretty, too. it looks like those three ppl near the Mill are looking at something up higher, but cant imagine what.

thanks for a great start to what is supposed to be a rainy day! ;D

Connie Moreno said...

Incredible and screen saver worthy. Such a fun look back *sigh* Do you remember the first time you rode the Mansion? I don't! Isn't that sick??? I do remember reading a tiny blurb about it in my Weekly Reader at school and I remember I could hardly wait for it to open.

Anonymous said...

In Disneyland lore isn't there a time when "Hippies Take Over Disneyland"? I vaguely remember that it was some kind of 1960's protest and a group of hippies actually took over Tom Sawyer's Island. I'm surprised that they were allowed into the park because didn't D-Land have a dress code in those days?

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, I do remember the first time I rode the Mansion! After hearing about it from kids at school, I was pretty scared to go on it.

Anonymous, on August 6, 1970 "Yippies" invaded Disneyland and took over Tom Sawyer Island. The dress code was primarily for employees, but after the Yippie event, long-haired males and others dressed inappropriately were turned away at the gate.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nancy, I don't think you're in the minority on loving the Skyway! I also say, BRING THEM DL, WDW and TDL!

That second shot is a reminder of how the Small World entrance and exit ramps have been switched. I think they did this when the ugly gift shop was built in the nineties and they wanted everyone exiting through it.

JG said...

Thanks Major for these excellent period pics. One of my favorite eras. Except for all the hippies.

Dirty hippies.


Anonymous said...

And I remember riding the Manison before it opened to the public...they were giving rides to the employees first. And yes, I was also working the day the Yippies closed the place down. Gees, I'm old!