Monday, March 28, 2011

3 From Frontierland, January 1961

Here is an unusual view of the far end of Rainbow Ridge, the last few buildings before the wilderness takes over. The Pack Mules are on a trail above the town, they are on the last leg of their trip before they return to town. Just in front of the buildings, the trail into Nature's Wonderland can just be seen.

Next, a general view of Frontierland as seen from the Mark Twain. This photo makes me think of the recent "Dapper Day at Disneyland"! Even the more casual guests rise above the shorts and flip-flops crowd.

This is a very rare view of the time portal that the mine train passed through in order to travel through Nature's Wonderland. It's been redressed for Disneyland, but...

... as you can see, it is definitely the same portal.


Capt. Tomorrow said...

Walt was a true visionary! Somehow he knew that even in the future people would want to go back in time to Disneyland.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Finally someone noticed the Disneyland - City on the Edge of Forever connection!!!!!

Dapper day at Disneyland looked really cool, I hope it happens again - I wanna go!

Connie Moreno said...

You are a genius!!!! You discovered evidence of the time portal. I bow at your feet.

TokyoMagic! said...

And then they go and tear down the time portal....along with Cascade Peak!

Katella Gate said...

... Do you mean for all those times I went thru that damn grommet, all I needed to do was ASK A QUESTION???

Chuck said...

This brings to the forefront a little-known incident that occurred on October 27th, 1970. A cast member was suffering from a heart flutter, and the nurse treating him at the First Aid station off the hub accidentally injected herself with cordrazine during a minor earthquake that shook the Park. The nurse became delusional and took off running towards Frontierland.

Before anyone could stop her, she stole a train from the NWRR and blasted through the portal at high speed, disappearing into the Orange County past. A quick-thinking Dick Nunis grabbed his crack team of ninja-qualified security hosts and chased after her, preventing some sort of horrific rift in the space-time continuum that would have delayed our entry into WW II and left us with no Disneyland for smelly, dirty hippies to try to take over.

Major Pepperidge said...

Walt bought the portal at a swap meet in Burbank! His team of Imagineers fixed it right up.

Connie, no need to bow. But a plate of rice krispie treats would be OK.

TM, by that time the management was high on certain "perception enhancers".

Yes, Katella, I am sorry to be the one to break the news to you!

And Chuck, I think we all remember that amazing day. A day which will live in infamyishness.

Bryce said...

I'm always amused by photos like the first one, where the trick of the forced perspective of the scaled buildings is ruined by the presence of humans (and mules, in this case). There's an old Disneyland show where a cast member dressed as a bank robber makes his getaway back here, and it ends up making him look like a giant!

Major Pepperidge said...

Bryce, I've seen that Disneyland show ("Disneyland U.S.A."), with Black Bart getting shot next to some tiny builidngs!

What about the crows that land on the Matterhorn way up high! Either that's a tiny mountain, or those are some HUGE birds.

Orange Co Native said...

There were a lot more trees in Frontier Land back then. That grass area and tree in the second picture blocking Golden Horseshoe is not there today. Just concrete walkway if my memory serves me right.

I think Frontier Land is getting treated like the red headed step child for the last 25 years.

1. Closure of the keelboats
2. Closure of Ft. Wilderness. Botched job of rehab of the fort. Not sure what is suppose to be now.
3. Turning Tom Sawyer Island into Pirates Lair. (Although I like the caves much better now. something to see)
4. Closure of the burning cabin (I know that was a long time ago)
5. Tearing down and not replacing Cascade Falls.

Great pictures.

Nancy said...

things i never got to see... : (

i could stay in that hotel being on the petite side lol!

i have always wanted to do time travel, so i find it sad that this part of the park is gone for yet another reason

JG said...

Ha, I would stay in that hotel if it meant entering on hands and knees.

I once stayed in a hotel where the rooms were so small, the mice were hunch-backed.

Major, one of the best and most classic Star Trek episodes. Must: Overcome: Urge: To: Talk: Like: Kirk!

Beautiful post, what we cognoscenti have come to expect from GDB.


Unknown said...

Is that the boarded up tunnel that you can still see when you go up Big Thunder Trail just before you go over the bridge?

Major Pepperidge said...

Melinda, I don't think so... I believe that the tunnel you refer to used to be the passageway from Rainbow Ridge into Bear Country. But I could be wrong!

Unknown said...

There are two old NW tunnels along Big Thunder Trail one that is open and comes out behind the water across from Big Thunder Mountain and a second one closer to the queue start for Big Thunder that is boarded up. I can take a picture of it next time I'm there (AP holder).