Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Main Street, May 1960 - plus a bonus!

Here's a beautiful shot of Main Street Station, with the "Fred Gurley" locomotive at rest next to the Kalamazoo hand car. This loco was added to the Disneyland Railroad on March 28, 1958. Unlike the C.K. Holliday and the E.P. Ripley, which were brand new in 1955 (having been built at the studio), the Gurley was originally built in 1894.

And here's another nice photo looking up Main Street toward the castle. Most folks are sticking to the sidewalks (with a few exceptions, of course). If you look to the right, just past the Swift Market House on the opposite corner, it appears that the Gibson Greeting Cards store is walled up, about to turn into the Hallmark store.

And now, here's something cool that was cooked up by Chris Jepsen (from the OC Historical Blog)! He took two stereo images from Knott's Berry Farm that were posted here recently, and made an animated gif that alternates each image rapidly, creating the illusion of 3-D without having to cross your eyes or wear funny glasses. I think it works quite nicely! I've played around with this type of image, but mine just seem too "earthquakey". If I ever get some to work better, I will share them with you. Meanwhile, thanks to Chris for this example!


Katella Gate said...

Hooray! First Post (It's been a while).

Major, your first pic of the Train isn't on the page, and the link isn't working either. I want my money back!

That picture of Main Street is perfect. I think I'll make that my computer desktop.

And thanks to Chris J. for FlickerGIF. Poor guy's had too much coffee.

HBG2 said...

I'd say that's a 7.5, maybe even an 8.

Pilsner Panther said...

This thing is interesting in a technical sense (of image manipulation) but is also a guaranteed migraine-inducer, at least for me.

Ol' Miner 49er said...


I was ther in the big one in San Francisky. Compared to that one, this is nothin".

OK you can stop now.


Major Pepperidge said...

Katella, the first photo loads fine for me... maybe try again in a while and see if it works for you.

I knew there's be "earthquake" comments! How could there not be? I've noticed on some sites that have these "flicker stereo" pictures, the best ones actually have relatively little movement ( compared to the results that I get. Not sure what the secret to success is, because when I try it with vintage stereo slides, they do tend to look very quakey.

Connie Moreno said...

Well, Major, ultra coolness level 9 today! Love the pics and the old prospector looked great, especially when you click on it to enlarge it!


Bryce said...

Ha! The "earthquake" shot cracked me up! Thanks!

Regions Beyond said...

Awesome update as always, and the Knott's "earthquake" .gif is just extra delightful. Thanks for sharing, Major!

JG said...

Whoa, 9.4 on the "Whacked-Out" scale. A little seismic for my taste.