Tuesday, March 01, 2011

3-Car Red, March 1961

I love Disneyland's original Monorail; particularly, the first version, when it was a mere 3 cars long. It looked kinda stubby and cute. Once it was lengthened, it looked sleeker and more badass. Anyhow, this is a great photo, taken from a moving Skyway bucket that was heading from Fantasyland into Tomorrowland.

Just for yucks I tried the old "tilt shift" simulation once again, and I think that it makes the Monorail look very much like one of the neat Schuco toy Monorails that were once sold in the park (and at quality toy stores everywhere)!


Nancy said...

that effect is just soo cool!

a picture of a monorail

I havent seen a picture of this area before from this era that I can recall. what is that just to the left of the Matterhorn station? it looks like Jr Autopia?

I am not learned on the really early Disneyland other than things I have read in a book or found out here, so forgive me if I am incorrect.. its only 6:30 in the morning here.

thanks as always for a great start to my day! :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, that white covering is the entrance to the Midget Autopia, which opened in 1957, and closed in 1966 (as part of the "It's a Small World" construction).

Glad you liked the photo!

Thufer said...

That is a wonderful shot.
The 'Bubble Tops' were exceptionally cool.
Humm, no strollers in that picture!

Chuck said...

For the record, I want a Shuco monorail. Anyone here is welcome to get me one.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW, thats so cool! The first time I saw this effect I just couldn't believe it - great work!

Connie Moreno said...

wow, wow, wow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what filter are you using for the effect?

Major Pepperidge said...

Anon, I didn't use a 1-step filter... I duplicated the layer, used "gaussian blur", and then used a layer mask to make the middle of the blurred layer transparent. Then I merged them. Took about a minute!

Ronn Roxx said...

Very cool effect. After seeing this cool shot, I had to google "Tilt-shift" and try out the Photoshop tutorial myself. Thanks for showing this on your blog! Cool stuff!