Friday, March 04, 2011


I hope that all of you have been anxiously awaiting the next installment of POSTERAMA! Well, it's here.

It pains me to admit that I don't have a copy of one of the original posters for the Enchanted Tiki Room. Not that I didn't have opportunities; they were just too expensive. Here's what that one looks like (from a low-res jpeg that I nabbed from the interwebs):

However, I did manage to acquire this scarce 1967 version! As you can see, the design has been altered quite a bit. The dark greens of the original are now vivid blues and greens. The parrots are still there, re-colored. The tiki is different, obviously, and you get a great big juicy plug for the sponsor, United Air Lines. Are there versions of the first poster with a UAL mention? I kind of think so, and there might be other variations as well. Anyway, I am very happy to have this rare poster, although to be honest I would prefer to have the first version.

Back in September 2004, one of these sold on ebay for over $3,300!


Matterhorn1959 said...

If you don't want the poster, you can just send it to me so you don't have to look at it!

Thufer said...

Oh My!

Connie Moreno said...

Major, expense is a lame excuse. You could very easily sell all your worldly possessions in order to acquire the poster of your choice, LOL.

Matt said...

I for one frequently starve for my art, um, collection. But I must say I agree with you on your choice, I much prefer the UAL version, mostly because of the sponsor being mentioned right on the poster! I could kick myself for selling my Pepsi Golden Horseshoe...but all in the name of Alice...


There are several versions of the original 1963 Tiki Room poster --all share the same artwork. The one you show is the "Generic" (meaning no sponsor) The second version features "Presented by UNITED AIR LINES -the extra care airline" (in the space bewteen the birds and "at the gateway". The third is the same as the second, but does NOT feature the WED logo or the "at the gateway to Adventureland" at the bottom but replaces it with "Disneyland" (this is the DL Marketing/Travel Agent poster) Then there is a fourth that features no land or prk designation on the bottom..... but included the sponsor - this is known as the "attraction fence poster"

1) Generic -no sponsor
2) w/Sponsor & slogan
3) Disneyland -marketing/travel agent
4) Sponsor only-attraction entry poster

Over the years you'll see photo examples of tese being used everywhere. I think over time the decoration people got lazy (like the Alice In Wonderland poster: the black -noland version is to be used for the giant mushroom ticket booth-but sometimes you'll see the Fantasyland version up there, and the blank one at DL's entry.

The 1967 poster(far fewer of these exist)was created when United Airlines revamped their entire corporate image and began using the new slogan "Fly The Friendly Skies of United"....a slogan they used thru the mid 1990's! Also by 1967 direct flights to Hawaii were commonplace. This new identy change also brought the new Tiki Room costumes --that featured the UA printed on them.

For all you attraction poster collectors: The Marketing/Travel Agent posters mentioned above are the same as the regular attraction posters but do NOT feature the land on the bottom....but rather just "Disneyland". Disneyland marketing sent these attraction posters to travel agents around the country. Over time, marketing stopped making the Disneyland labled posters and just sent regular attraction posters with land's and even sponsors. This was done tru the late 1960's. Some more comon surving DL Marketing attraction posters include PeopleMover, Golden Horseshoe Revue, Monorail, It's A Small World.

Major Pepperidge said...

Glad you guys liked this one!

Mike Cozart, THANKS for all the great info about the various Tiki Room posters. I was pretty sure that I had seen at least two (and maybe 3) versions of the original style.

My Peoplemover and Golden Horseshoe posters both say "Disneyland" at the bottom rather than the name of the relevant "land".

Rich T. said...

I use that poster image as my iPhone background. It makes me smile every time I make a call.

I really like the alternate version you've got: It combines two of my favorite things (Disneyland and airports) into one big warm fuzzy how-do-ye-do!

JG said...

Oh Major...wonderful post.

And thank you to all the commenters for the good and useful information, esp. the i-phone thing.

Next stop for the tiki poster is my i-phone.

No idea there were so many variations of these posters.

There is a wonderful display of these posters at the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Fun to see them in a gallery setting.