Thursday, March 03, 2011

Adventureland Hostesses, July 15 1967

I have two fun photos from Adventureland for you today (taken just before Disneyland's 12th birthday).

Something tells me that the park's male cast members (from all lands) spent a lot of time hanging around the Tiki Room trying to get the attention of these two lovely young women. I know I would have! And of course the custom-designed Tiki Room dresses (complete with United Air Lines plug) are pretty fabulous as well. Another detail - the faux-bamboo cash register to the right. Back then, the Tiki Room was a separately-ticketed attraction, which explains why they would even need a cast register at the entrance. It's nice that they went to the trouble of decorating it so that it would blend in with the tropical theme.

Here's another beauty, this time from the Tahitian Terrace (or at least that's what the note on the slide says). The hostesses' colorful dress reminds me very much of examples that I saw just a year or two ago at H&M stores and "Forever 21". If you strain your eyes you can see a young'un in the background wearing mouse ears.


Nancy said...

Adventureland....oh yeah!

i would love to have one of those beautiful dresses, complete with lei, even if they do say United Air Lines lol!!

i do note none of these ladies has on a name badge...or am i just still asleep?

a great set today ;)

Matterhorn1959 said...

Great images especially to see the United Airlines fabric as dresses. Several bolts of the material have been found over the years, but as far as I know, none of the actual cast member costumes.

I believe the cash register is for the Dole Whip stand.

Major Pepperidge said...

You're right Nancy, I don't see any name tags either. Hmmm! I have no idea why that would be.

Matterhorn, was Dole involved in Disneyland way back then? I thought the Dole Whip came along later, but you would know better than me.

Connie Moreno said...

Awesome pics!!!

Regions Beyond said...

Fantastic photos indeed, and love the little incidental details captured besides the very photogenic hostesses. Great capture of the past, and love this blog overall..keep up the excellent work Major!

And forgive me, just a brief plug here, as I have a newly started up blog of scans of vintage Disneyland material from my own collection. Greatly appreciated if you felt like coming by to check it out as you will, and sorry for the blatant promotion heh. Site is here:

MintCrocodile said...

I want to say that I think that the register may be for the Enchanted Tiki Room, just like Major mentioned and not the Dole Whip stand.

The reason I say that is because next to the register seems to be a coin dispenser. It appears that the register and the coin dispenser could be is facing east, towards the two Cast Members.

If one walks up to the counter, I would imagine that they would possibly be purchasing admission to the attraction.

With the entry turnstile so close to that register, if a queue formed for the dole whip, how would Guests easily get into the Tiki attraction?

Of course, I could be wrong. But that is just my quick observation.

JG said...

I know we visited the Tiki Room when it was brand new and I seem to remember a separate admission. But it has been so long, i can't be sure. the cash register with the bamboo theme does ring a bell, but it might have been in adventureland traders or some other souvenir sale location.

Pretty girls, too. Thanks a lot for that!