Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun

Today I decided to post a mix of old photos from a few Southern California attractions.

Let's start with this first view of a mom and her kid, with Pacific Ocean Park in the background. I'm not sure where this picture was taken from; possibly one of the nearby apartment buildings?

Next up is this picture of a shootout at Corriganville, in glorious black and white. I'm guessing that the photo was taken around 1957.

And finally, here's a fun snapshot taken in the old desert mining town of Calico, circa 1964, when the town actually belonged to Walter Knott. He donated it to San Bernardino County in 1966. This painted photo-op is very similar to the examples found in Knott's Berry Farm's "Pitchur Gallery", although this one appears to be a personal photo, and not a purchased souvenir. I like how gramps is holding his hat!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

That P.O.P. shot is stunning, that's an angle of the entrance structure that you NEVER see! Funky looking as the lady is there's something appealing about her at the same time. Verification word is "gaudy" what's blogger trying to say!

Connie Moreno said...

That was fun!!

JG said...

Calico, Gem Of The Southern Mines!


stellaVista said...

I´d say the P.O.P. photo was taken from inside the park, maybe on a balcony of the neptune´s kingdom complex? The turnstiles are facing the street which can be seen behind the woman.
Great Photo!