Saturday, March 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just because Christmas was three months ago doesn't mean that we have to lose that yuletide feeling. Today's photos should give you a little extra holiday boost.

There's the big tree, back in the days when they used a real tree, instead of the projected hologram that they use now. Drinking fountain alert. Drinking fountain alert!

Everybody is so darn proud of their groovy 1974 fashions. When will these crazy patterns come back in style, darn it? Sis looks relatively subdued in her tasteful denim outfit - she probably grew up to be an attorney.

I presume that this scene is somewhere right near Disneyland. There's the Regal Inn back there, which means nothing to me, but it probably means something to one of you smart people out there.


Connie Moreno said...

I'll bet those folks were on vacation from somewhere in the Mid West....where else but California could you wear those insane pants????

Man, that Christmas tree was magnificent!

TokyoMagic! said...

The Regal Inn looks like it might be the same building as the Inn at the Park, which became the WestCoast Anaheim and is now a Sheraton. Maybe someone else knows for sure if it was something else before it was the Inn at the Park.

Love the polyester and this decade!

Nancy said...

hologram, huh? what, do they think they are on the Enterprise?

they do always have such majestic Christmas trees at the parks...

so many cool things about the 70s
...keep em coming!

walterworld said...

Looked through my postcards and Google, and I'd say they were standing right off of Harbor Blvd near the long-gone Galaxy Inn (Magic Star Motel), with the Candy Cane Motel visible in the background.

The area right behind where they are standing is now Disney property (near Cars Land).


Katella? I hardly knew her. said...

You can approximate this view by standing at the Jolly Roger Hotel driveway on Katella and look south at the Sheraton in the distance, same building as the Regal Inn in the photo, just painted a peach colour today. And yes, Disneyland would be behind you.

JG said...

Ha, the '70's, when everyone looked like a clown.


Anonymous said...

I loved those clothes - I'm serious!