Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freedomland, September 1960

We're headed back to the Bronx for some photos from Freedomland. Not the best pictures you'll ever see, but the place was only around for four years, so any photos are rare!

This dark picture was taken aboard the Northwest Fur Trapper's ride. I think I've quoted the guidebook before, but it bears repeating: "Ride a bullboat up the Columbia River, through a land infested by dangerous animals and warlike natives. Be careful - or you'll be caught in the crossfire of an Indian ambush." This photo was taken right during that horrific ambush, if you look closely you can see some Blurry Indians (enemies of the Iroquois) pointing their flintlocks across the river. Cool!

Part of "Little Old New York" was the waterfront, which "... beckons you to board one of Freedomland's tugboats for a cruise around the world's greatest harbor and on into the Great Lakes. Your voyage will take you past the glow of the Chicago fire to the sounds of fun and laughter at the dazzling new State Fair Midway just outside the Windy City." Wait a minute, you can see the Chicago fire from Little Old New York??

Here's another view of the waterfront, taken from Tucson Mining Company Ore Bucket. You can see just some of the "... dozens of charming buildings and friendly shops". Let's go get us some ropes and gunny bags!

If you're hankerin' for some BBQ, you could do worse than to stop by "the Chuck Wagon to sample a hearty cowpuncher's snack". The thing I find the most interesting in this photo is the family in the foreground. Mom appears to be a blond bombshell even after having four (?) kids. Good for her!


Chiana said...

Hot momma!

Gosh did they just bulldoze all that? Looks like they could've developed that harbor area into some quaint rentals with a private marina or somethin'...

Anonymous said...

Freedomland had costumed characters just like Disneyland, though themed, of course, to various periods of New York history. This particular character was known as Floosie Flo. Her main job was to walk through the park and flirt with the fathers. The mother of this family, no doubt a much larger woman than Flo, is probably in the restroom.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- thanks for the Freedomland images...any image of Freedomland is a good image. The New York shots are very nice.

Katella Gate said...

What were they thinking putting this in NYC? With the short operating year and the land value, how long could it have held on?

By the way, it reminds me of Fisherman's Wharf down in San Pedro. And probably just as smelly.

Sorry, my inner Disney Snob just wanted to come out and say "hi".

jedblau said...

Great shots!

Nancy said...

nice set today

i esp love the woman in the fur stole...just goes to show ya that anyone can enjoy themselves at a theme park!

thanks for posting them :D

Anonymous said...

The Freedomland song in their TV ads is forever etched in my head.
My parents, who hated amusement parks, refused to take my hand, and take me out to Freedomland, though I recall driving by it once, and wishing I could go in.