Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Trip To Disneyland, July 1958 - Part Ten

Our visit to 1958 Disneyland continues through Frontierland...

Fans of the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad (I know you're out there) should enjoy the first two photos. Everyone else will hate them!

Here comes the C.K Holliday, approaching Frontierland Station; as you can see, the train track splits so that the passenger train can pass the freight train while it's stopped. If you didn't already know it was Disneyland, you might believe that this was a photo of a real narrow gauge train in a small midwestern town.

Our photographer snapped a second shot as the train resumes its course around the park. Looks like he snuck through some hedges for this perspective, and he leaned waaay out over the fence (barbed wire!). Lucky for him, only his left arm was torn off by the passing locomotive.

Still in Frontierland! Might as well take a look at the other steam-powered vehicle, namely the Mark Twain. It's amazing to realize that the Rivers of America is only 1/4 of an inch deep, isn't it?


Chiana said...

Again your commentary's as neat as the pics!

Yup must be a fan of the DL RR cause I love them shots. You're not kiddin' the first two shots are effectively just like you might have seen in a real small town in America in the day.

Good thing he was a righty. :)

Amazing what you can do with 1/4 inch of water hehe. fwiw I think they oughtta rebuild the fort using some of the pics I've seen here. It's really good. Thank goodness we still have the Twain.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Who in the world likes trains???? LOL! Frontierland Station is unrecognizable compared to today's version. There's still a few spots at Disneyland, when the crowds are low, that seem far and away from Anaheim, but nothing like the 1st photo in your post. The river is a 1/4" deep? - I'm walking to the Island next time. Thanks!

Thufer said...

your correct, those first two shots could have been taken almost anywhere.

good stuff.

Anonymous said...

1/4" deep...hardly. Trust me this is just a joke. Yours truly piloted a canoe in his earlier of which "sank" with 16 fare paying guests in it!

Nancy said...

this has been one of the best vacations ever!

pretty pictures of the trains, again Mr Disney really captures the Old West just as it really was

i esp love the picture of the Mark Twain with the other points of interest...definitely one of the best photographers we have had the pleasure of "meeting" :D