Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost Safari, June 1964

This first slide caught my eye as I was about to put it in the "don't scan" pile! It turns out to be pretty interesting. The Jungle Cruise had already had one upgrade in 1962, the Elephant Bathing Pool. Now in 1964, a new addition was in progress... notice that the now-famous "Lost Safari" scene is incomplete; the tree that would eventually hold four porters and one hunter is now only big enough for one porter! Also note the workers to the left and the right. Oompa Loompas!

Here's a slightly closer look... the porter on the tree is unclothed, allowing us to see some of his mechanical bits. Naughty! Both the Rhino and the tree are on some sort of rectangular supports. Rhinos are famous for trapping people in trees, threatening them with their poisonous horns, and then eating them!

Here's a look at the completed scene, from June 1969.


TokyoMagic! said...

Wow this is a hoot! Would Walt Disney have really allowed the general public to see an unfinished scene AND the workers that were installing it, or do you think this was taken by an employee? Either way it's an absolutely incredible pic!

Chiana said...

Well Walt had told all the public that it'd never be completed. Just so they weren't sittin at home waitin' for a grander opening. Talk about work in progress!

That scene is just brilliant.

Thufer said...

what an excellent shot. interesting to speculate the 'surrounding' of this. may have been a prospective during the rehab.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I think we all need to get a good look at the "Don't Scan Pile"! - LOL! Recently discovered "Hidden Treasures" are the best! Thanks Major.

PTA Transit Authority said...

Still one of the all-time coolest rides at DL. Great shots.

Nancy said...

very cool to see these...i esp like seeing the before and after comparison :)

its like riding thru Space Mountain WDW on the Wedway Peoplemover when its broke down and the lights are on! kinda weird