Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More '58 Fun

Here are a few more from the '58 family!

This is one of my favorites, a great shot looking back at the suspension bridge on Tom Sawyer Island. Mom looks like she's having a swell time! She has her Mickey Mouse "I Like Disneyland" flasher pin on. Sister's stripey shirt can just be seen behind mom, and junior is mostly concerned with not falling.

OK, this one might actually be from another trip. Doesn't that kid look a bit smaller? And yes, his outfit is completely different. Even if mom brought him something warm to wear at night, she wouldn't bring another pair of shoes. Would she? Anyway, the kid is pestering the wooden Indian out in front of the Tobacco Shop, maybe trying to pick his pocket. Crime doesn't pay! Look, the Indian's rifle still has the complete barrel.

I love this picture, presumably from the day after the trip to Disneyland. The kid still wants to wear his Donald Duck squeaky hat, even during a visit to the local playground. I have a hat just like it from when I was a kid!


Chiana said...

Aw now these are really cute aren't they. Instant fav goes to the top one - a picture of fun and what DL's about there.

Maybe the guy in the 2nd pic is headed to the tobaccer shop, if he doesn't pass it with his nose in that map. For some reason it surprises me to be able to see in that shop and see it's a real shop - somehow I guess I thought it was just there to look turn of the century... too much PC?

The Wooden Indian out front of the tobacco shop has a rifle as a clever artistic reference to satirize the US Bureau of Tobacco & Firearms. ;)

That kid is so cute, all smiles in that last pic... somehow I wouldn't put it past Mom there to have brought a change of shoes too! Lovely post Maj.

TokyoMagic! said...

I still have my squeaky Donald Duck hat from childhood too! And my Mickey flasher pin! Wow I guess they sold both of those items for many years because both of mine were purchased in the seventies.

I wonder where that kid is today?

Pegleg Pete said...

I got a squeaky Donald hat at WDW in the summer of 1972. I always preferred it to the mouse ears. I'm not sure when they stopped making them, but I wish they still did – especially as mine is now a bit worse for wear!

Anonymous said...

That's the same little boy (first pic) who stuck his tongue out at us two Sundays ago! I bet he's planning some mischief!

olddisneylandfan said...

I had a squeaky Donald hat from my first visit to the Park in '59. I remember it lasted for years in my toybox. I bet current souvenirs don't have the same quality.

Eric Scales said...

I remember squeaking my Donald Duck cap throughout my first trip on America Sings, first to punctuate the Pop goes the weasel song, then as often as I could since it was getting a real rise out of my parents (and I'm sure everyone else in the theater). Why my folks didn't just take the hat away is a mystery to me, cause I remember them being really mad. Boy I was a stinker.