Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fantasyland, June 1965

Here's a particularly crisp and clear shot of the Matterhorn as seen from the Skyway... since we are on the left side, we are heading towards the mountain, and will pass through to Tomorrowland. The Skyway buckets are painted in wonderful metallic shades of copper, bronze, and pewter, appearing warmer in the late-afternoon sun.

Meanwhile, up on the summit, Hans und Franz discuss how to prevent their lederhosen from chafing. Hans prefers talcum powder, while Franz thinks that corn starch is the best.

If this scary scary skull was still there, they could have converted it into a "dream suite". I definitely would have wanted to stay there in spite of the cramped quarters... just give me a hammock and a small black and white TV.


Chiana said...

Gosh I hope Hans und Franz don't come to blows!

Sleeping in the skull?! How do you think of these things? Hm. It'd have to be a waterbed... with a continuous leak.

So that was the last color scheme for the buckets? It's kinda neat. So are all these pics :)

Matterhorn1959 said...

I think Hans prefers Gold Bond.

Katella Gate said...

Dream Suite in Scull Rock? Brilliant! Capture the pre-teen Goth kids while tapping into the "Pirates" franchise again. Oh, and do a seasonal "Jack Skellington" makeover at Halloween.

Jim said...

My first visit was in July of 65 after my family relocated to Orange in July of the same year. Lived very close by, Haster near Orangewood. I can still hear the whistle of the Mark Twain reverberating through the neighborhood as a reminder of our proximity.
Is that one the nut-covered frozen bananas sold by the vendors in the Plaza that Hans is holding, or did the talc applications commence?
Great shot. Thanks for the memories.

walterworld said...

All great shots! Thanks---