Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Thursday

It's time for another random selection of images...

These three guests have their triangular Guided Tour badges on. The boy looks like he has just been informed that he's going to military school. The nerdy-cute girl has a dreamy far away expression, which of course means she is drunk. And mom is still a little freaked out by that "Mr. Toad" ride.

By jings, there's a Pirate Ship!

Just look at that old bag. No, not the nice lady, I mean the shopping bag! I'll bet that there is at least one guide book inside. Save that bag, lady, it'll be worth something someday. She is fiddling with the rigging on the Columbia, and Rainbow Ridge can be seen behind her.

I'm not sure where our photographer was standing for this photo. There's a fence with barbed wire in front of us, and beyond the fence is the water tower for the Disneyland Railroad (that's the C.K. Holliday, too). Frontierland Station would be just out of the frame to the left, I believe.


Chiana said...

Wow I love the train pic! What an unusual angle and again I'm startled by how real the scene feels! Let's mosey our buckboards up to the depot house shall we, she looks to be gettin' steam up and won't be long now.

The lady with the bag stole that sail and stuffed it in there after the picture was taken and no one was looking, right from under the noses of everyone in Rainbow Ridge as they sailed past.

What a trio, not a bad "caption this" photo. Mom is actually looking at her future son in law, sure her daughter is just crazy about him, she's gone all dreamy again. But he knows. It's just the Chicken Of The Sea Sandwiches. After years of nothing but Peter Pan peanut butter, she's tasted love.

And the pirate ship? It's the butter on the bread.

Katella Gate said...

Some people collect barbed wire. Some collect pictures of Disneyland. I collect pictures of barbed wire at Disneyland (Which offers, BTW, the most magic lockjaw infections on earth).

My question is, was that barbed wire there from day-one, or did Disney have to add it to keep Tom Sawyer types from jumping the fence for a better look at the train?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

"Just look at that old bag" I'm dying from laughing so hard! I'm not gonna tell her to keep her hands of the rigging, she'll yell at me!

1st photos is just weird, did they even know their picture was being take, "Hello, camera's over here, smile people!"

The Viewliner Limited said...

I love random Thursday's, I look forward to them every day. LOL!Fantastic shot of the train and water tower. Great pics Major.

Thufer said...


mr wiggins said...

Great shots Major! I'm wondering if the train station photo might be the work of an escapee from one of those Holidayland picnic affairs...?

Major Pepperidge said...

Hmmm, Mr. Wiggins, that is a very interesting thought! They were so bored by Holidayland that they were willing to risk their lives by hopping in front of a locomotive.