Sunday, April 26, 2009

Progressland & More, June 1964

You know it, you love it - the New York World's Fair! It was the next best thing to Disneyland. Except for Knott's. These are all from June 1964, and it looks like June Gloom is not exclusive to Southern California. I would prefer to be there on a day like today, although I admit that the photos aren't going to turn out as nice.

I've been hearing a lot about Walt Disney's "Progressland", let's go check it out! The fact that there are two naughty nuns in front of us is a good omen. The building is impressive during the day, and even more so at night when controlled lighting give the illusion that it is spinning (and changing color). Oh man, look at the line!

Now we're much closer to the building, but first let's stop and listen to the band concert; It's time for the big tuba solo. The conductor is completely ignoring the band, and frankly they don't even need him. Wave that baton around all you want little man, it's US that the chicks dig.

The World's Fair was frequently inspiring, but it was also educational. The Equitable Life building reminded folks that the population of the USA was increasing at a warp factor of eleven. By 2009 that number would increase by over 100 million (yeesh), for a grand total of approximately 306,000,000. But there's nobody quite like you!

The Eastman Kodak pavilion was famous for the five gigantic photo prints (yes, actual prints!) that appeared on top of the building - - at 30 feet by 36 feet, they were the largest photo prints in the world. The photos were changed roughly every three or four weeks. I'm sure many of you recognize this picture of Emmett Kelly. Junior! Yes, his dad originated the famous "Weary Willie" character, but Jr. did alright too. Eastman Kodak... "was looking for a suitable representative to appear at the company's Pavilion during the New York World's Fair. Emmett Kelly, Jr. met Eastman Kodak executives in their board room and wowed them with his mime performance. He was immediately signed up and became one of the top attractions during the World's Fair two year run. Kodak was so pleased and impressed by Emmett's success during The Fair, that they asked him to become a touring Ambassador of Goodwill for them."


Nancy said...

Major, these are great!

what little kid doesnt love a ride in a sting-ray, even if you cant drive it yourself! i'd never seen one of those that i can recall

the silver bus to the rear brings back memories for me of riding down to the community college where i graduated from in the late 70s... ;D

and i never knew the name of the Emmett Kelly character before...

again, thanks for a great post today!

Katella Gate said...
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Katella Gate said...

Laugh if you want at the little man with the stick, but he has a Wikipedia article and YOU do not.

You know 1964 was another world when bands appeared in public with an accordion, and sorry-eyed clowns got 30 foot tall posters that were considered serious expressions of art.

PTA Transit Authority said...

I never get tired of pics of NYWF. The Equitable clock is great. 533,295 people were added between your pic and the one I posted on Viewliner.

The Progressland, buses and Corvette stroller pic is the greatest!