Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Family In Disneyland

The faded slides in this lot are some of my favorites of all the Disneyland slides I have. It's not that there are rare views or anything... I think it's a combination of the early date, and the fact that this looks like the perfect Southern California family. Pretty mom, two kids (one girl, one boy), and dad always hidden behind the camera.

Here they are posing in front of the new Alice in Wonderland attraction, so we know that these are from at least 1958. Never mind that the image has "57" in the name, that was based on the only slide in the bunch that had a date written on it. Oh well! Anyway, I like those giant "Mary Blair" leaves. Mom is holding one of those old striped popcorn boxes, and junior is now wearing mom's Mickey Mouse flasher pin.

There they are again, at the top of Castle Rock. Just look at that kid, sticking his tongue out at us! Disgraceful.

Awww, how can I stay mad at this li'l captain? Sorry about the color, all of these have turned magenta to some degree, and my color-correction didn't improve things too much!!


Anonymous said...

I can see why you find these photos so appealing. The contrast between the big psychedelic leaves, representing bohemian artistry, and the nearly perfect little American family that might have just walked out of Stepford, CT, represents what Disney always did best: bring a bit of whimsy to what must have been the often bland and stifling lives of Middle America.

As for that disgraceful boy and his tongue-sticking-outing, it looks to me like dad's spanking hand is going to have some work when this family gets home to their little bungalow in the suburbs! I'll wager that a thorough butt warming this evening will leave future Disneyland visits free from incident and familial disgrace.

Daveland said...

The Castle Rock shot is a beauty! Nice set of photos.

PTA Transit Authority said...

Ah yes, nice to see a pic of Mom again. I remember first seeing her over a 1000 posts ago. How time flies when your having fun. Great pics Major!

Katella Gate said...

The fiberglass garden out in front of Alice was always a delight. The improbable foliage at an outlandish scale is just a delight.

Mother and daughter, however, need to work on the concept of "sensible footwear".

Chiana said...

Love these too Maj. How precious. :D

Nancy said...

love the first picture of our family. such pretty colors and i must agree about the footwear...i never go to any Park without my tennies!!

the last picture makes up for the second one for me as a mom. what a precious little boy!

such a nice set :D

Anonymous said...

That little boy is truly hilarious! I bet he grew up to be a real hell raiser!