Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tram & Main Street USA, July 25 1961

Here is a small selection of slides from a family's trip to Disneyland waaaay back in 1961. I should post them in order the way Dave over at Daveland does. I really really should. But I've been drinking heavily, so it seems like an awful lot of trouble!

Anyway, I will give the old college try... for today. The first ride of your visit used to be the parking lot trams. Junior is armed with his instamatic and his Ray Bans. His shirt proclaims that he is "Proud to be an American". Nice try, commie, I can see right through your little ruse! That "woman" next to him is obviously a male KGB agent in disguise.

Town Square; we all stop and look around before deciding whether we want to ride the train first, or explore the charms of Main Street U.S.A. There's a crowd over by the Emporium, what the heck is going on there? Traffic accident? Drive-by?

No self-respecting American boy would wear floods like that kid is wearing. You look ridiculous, comrade!

I know that this car may look like the latest sports car in Russia, but in America it is quaint and antique! Considering how Walt Disney was strapped for cash when building his park, the "Gurr-mobiles" always looked great. Check out the detailed fabrication on this one! The Carnation restaurant is in the background (I think that Tony Baxter worked there, once upon a time) complete with a menu in the window.


Anonymous said...

Wow. When you see so many women wearing dresses and men wearing hats other than baseball caps on Main Street it really makes the place look like a real street somewhere in mid-century mid-America!

Thufer said...

thank you so much for that first picture of the parking lot tram. sometimes, the drivers delivered your first 'thrill' ride of the day. man, i so miss the parking lot and all the special moments that only it provided.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that a Renault parked next to that '57 Mercury? Maybe the car the rode in on.


walterworld said...