Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantasyland 1956

Today I'm featuring a couple of photos from 1956. Huzzah!

I'm not sure what our photographer was aiming at here... the "Mr. Toad" building? "Wow, honey, just look at that crenelated roofline! I'm takin' a picture, because the folks at home will love seeing that!" Or maybe he was interested in the Skyway towers (although it appears that the Skyway was not yet up-and-running just yet). The one thing I DO know is that I like waffles.

Here's a happy li'l family leaving Merlin's Magic Shop. This was one of the few buildings in the old Fantasyland that received a convincingly medeival, movie-set façade. Notice how I used the letter "c" with that little dangly thing in "façade"? Mighty impressive, huh? Anyway, the family probably bought some cool vintage Disneyland goodies. Like the stuff that you can see in the window!

Lucky for us, the photographer took another picture of Merlin's with no noggins blocking the window. How'd you like to have a genuine Disneyland flashlight? Or better yet, the whole display? You can also get a Keppy Kap or t-shirt, a Slinky (they walk down stairs, alone or in pairs), stylish and practical dark glasses, and of course, Kodak film. And maybe, just maybe, a magic trick or two. I'm going to buy a giant pencil for my pal back home.


TokyoMagic! said...

Love the shots today, Major....especially the close up of the souvneirs. I just posted a pic of those souvenir flashlights here: Disneyland Flashlights. I don't know how many different sets of graphics there were, but I did see one on ebay a few years back that had the DL train on it.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Beautiful pics and the Skull rock pics from yesterday are definitely the best I have ever seen.

Katella Gate said...

Leave them Frenchy "Say-dillas" things back in France where they belong.

Disneyland is too American to need them foreign spelling gizmos.

Anonymous said...

Mm. Waffles.

Nancy said...

the Renaissance-fair feeling of the old Fantasyland was so nice. i do like the way it is now, but would have been cool to see it, so again you have come to my rescue!

thanks, Major : )