Wednesday, January 07, 2009

E.P. Ripley, June 1958

For all of you fans of steam locomotives, here's a great picture of the E.P. Ripley as it loads up with passengers at Frontierland Station. The conductor (?) is giving the high-sign, telling the engineer that he can safely proceed without fear of removing guest's extremities. Notice that there are parallel tracks, from the days when one train could pass another. Also notice the happiest barbed wire on earth.

Fans of blurry photos, don't despair! I have something for you too. Here's the Stagecoach, which wouldn't be around for too much longer, as it rattles along the trail next to the Rivers of America. Look at the folks sitting on the top, legs hanging over the edge... it must have been lots of fun, partially because it was completely unsafe. What would happen to those folks if the coach should happen to tip over (as it occasionally did)?? Wheeee!


Anonymous said...

I wanna ride 'em. :)

Neat perspectives on both pics.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome pics! That train shot looks like it could be in a real small town. The stagecoach photo is nice too, but what's with the river, it looks like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka! Of course, the dye they use now looks pretty fake!

Katella Gate said...

Nothing says "keep out" like barbed wire. Just think how much a foot or two of "bad show" barbed wire would be worth today!

As for the Rivers of America, I can feel the enchanted leaches sucking my blood already - in a magical way.