Thursday, January 29, 2009

Motorboats and Matterhorn, July 1977

Today's photos are from 1977, and feature a groovy couple enjoying themselves at Disneyland.

First up is this nice "POV" shot take from a Motor Boat, looking towards our pals. They aren't taking their boat-driving responsibilities very seriously. Good lord, they're heading right towards that Monorail support column! I guess that this was technically a Fantasyland ride, but the fact that the boats steered themselves was very futuristic. You get a little glimpse of the Autopia, and even the Peoplemover.

Here they are again, posing in front of the Matterhorn. They're at the end of the line, and it looks like they're going to have a pretty long wait. I was under the impression that the waterfall was a mere trickle these days, but I looked at some fairly recent photos on the web, and I guess it still roars at a good rate. Maybe I'm thinking of Schweitzer Falls!


Anonymous said...

yessir I'm sure you were thinking of Schweitzer Falls. :)

For all the things I don't like about the '70s, which included Disney's films as a rule, for Disneyland the '70s seem like a time it basked in the sun. A really nice blend of original and classic newer elements were there, the landscaping etc had matured, employees were dedicated long term and well paid in return ahem, and it could afford to sorta rest on its laurels. Even if many of its guests seemed to be losing their taste hehe.

The pics I see don't tend to be the most interesting but it was a great time and place to be there yourself. These have that nice vibe to 'em. :)

The Viewliner Limited said...

The motorboats were always a fun ride. Nothing to do but sit and relax during a hectic day of running around DL. Very nice pics.

TokyoMagic! said...

I always love seeing 70's shots of DL....and I agree with what Chiana said about the park at that time.

Didn't the Matterhorn shut down at the end of that summer for the abominable snowman overlay?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great vibrant colors in these! The motorboat cruise was corny but fun.

Regarding the volume of water on the Matterhorn's waterfalls; I've seen it vary greatly over the last year, but sadly most of the time its not anything like your 1977 Photo. Here's how it look on Monday of this week, I'd say its about 1/2 the flow of the 1977 photo:

(Matterhorn 1/26/09)

Thanks for the great post!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I'm not sure what you mean by the abominable snowman overlay... he's always there.

VDT, thanks for the recent photo... I wonder WHY those waterfalls are so wimpy these days. One more little thing that takes away from the overall effect.

Major Pepperidge said...

Oh, duh, reading comprehension not so good...!

Anonymous said...

Having been an employee during the 70s, I agree with Chiana about that being a highpoint for the overall ambiance of the park and quality of the employees. Regarding the was possible for a couple who both worked there as full time("A") Ride Operators to own a home based upon their combined hourly salary. Times sure have changed.

TokyoMagic! said...

Sorry Major....I should have said remodel instead of overlay. He was added in 1978 and has been there ever since!

Katella Gate said...

Waterfalls = $$$$

It takes piles of money to move water uphill with pumps. Large flow spill-falls like on the Matterhorn are the worst since they require a high lift and a large volume.

Stream-falls (like the ones that used to be at the south end of Tom Sawyer's Island) aren't as bad because a rocky stream bed can give the illusion of greater flow because of turbulence.

When the cutbacks in the Pressler Era were becoming obvious, I started to wonder how long it would be before the waterfalls started getting cutback to contain costs.

I think the only major water feature that was actually removed was Cascade Peak, and that was supposed to be because of structural problems.

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm sure you are right Katella Gate, but I do wonder about that humongous waterfall over at DCA. HUGE, and very impressive to stand near. Must cost a fortune to pump that much water. Meanwhile, Schweitzer Falls is a mere dribble compared to the old days. Arg.

Anonymous said...

True. But then, not much about DCA makes any too much sense, Maj.

walterworld said...

Thanks for showing more pictures from the 70's, and 1977 in particular.

That time era had a certain charm about it that I miss.