Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shades Of Gray

Today I have four black and white photos (Polaroids I think) for you... they're undated, but my guess is that they are from the mid-1960's. You like black and white, don't you?

Here's a look from our Mine Train, back at another locomotive that seems to be out of commission for the day. That's just about the size that I want for my extreme backyard railroad setup. After I win the lottery! It's basically going to be a recreation of Nature's Wonderland, only an animatronic Abe Lincoln will be terrorizing you along the way.

This is my favorite of the bunch, a view of the Monorail (I say it's the blue one!) from the ramp that took you up to the load platform. They have quite a crowd in the front compartment!

These last two are admittedly kind of dull... a look at the Mark Twain, much like many others that we have seen before...

... and a glance in the other direction (up river?). The Columbia is in dry dock over at Fowler's Harbor, and it even looks as if a Keel Boat and a raft are taking the day off.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Great monorail. Fun pics.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I do love B&W. At its best it has a sense of clarity and feel to it that's unique.

The mine train is working, it's just side tracked. (groans) Somehow hadn't noticed how the side track has far fewer ties under it. Course, it was used less heavily so doubt it mattered.