Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Puppet's Life For Me, July 1977

When you find yourself with a hankerin' for singing, dancing puppets, it's time to saunter on over to "It's a Small World"; you will get your fill and then some!

Hoo-boy, looks like we're going to have to wait a bit, the line is pretty long. But that's what you get for going to Disneyland in July! Bell-bottoms were the order of the day - - that lady needs to get hers hemmed. Just to put things in some sort of perspective, the Sex Pistols were already wreaking havoc in England. Oi!

I'm so glad that this white, blue and gold exterior has returned!

Just for fun, I'm going to quote the wonderful "It's a Small World" storyteller album, read by Winston Hibler: "I'll bet you've guessed where we are now! It's gay 'Paree', where graceful little French ballerinas are putting on a show for us." Doesn't he mean Cancan girls??

I've been to Italy, and it actually looks exactly like this. No need to go and see for yourself! "...and over there by the leaning Tower of Pisa, we hear the future opera stars of Italy".

"And now near London Bridge, the English children sing to us..."

"Africa, with all its color and exotic mystery, now comes into view. Bashful giraffes, smiling hippos, carefree swinging monkeys, and other animals in their lush green jungle setting, join in the song."

You may now return to your less-groovy day!


TokyoMagic! said...

I always wondered what possessed them to paint the clock blue and white. I guess it was better than the multi-pastel version that followed. I hope the exterior stays just as it is now....in all it's original Mary Blair glory. As for the interior, (sigh), I guess the can-can dancers will all be wearing Ratatouille costumes sometime soon. Yes, that's sarcasm, but it may as well be true.

Anonymous said...

They painted it blue & white to match the sponsors sign. ;)

Oh gosh never mind the bullocks, there's the fashion. World's never recovered.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

That line looks exactly the same as what I saw in Early December '08! In fact, I think so of those groovy folks were still in line from 1977!!! The only way I ride "that" attraction is with a 5 min. or less line, even then.....

Katella Gate said...

Funny that you took the narration from the old "ride-thru" record! That brought back memories and was worth the price of admission to this blog in itself.

Alas, my day is going to be much less-groovy than a trip to Disneyland... I am steam cleaning my carpets.

The Viewliner Limited said...

What awesome color. I can't get that song out of my head. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hummm, Hummm, Hmm, Hmm, For God's sake STOP!!!

Nancy said...

these are really bright images...love the blue and white with the shiny gold :)

Unknown said...

Take notice behind the facade of "it's a small world" the trees; which you'll no longer find in pictures taken today. Next time you're over at the Disneyland Resort, be sure to ask a Guest Relations Cast Member the story of why they were placed there.

It's a fun story, and another ones of those ops, moments.