Thursday, January 08, 2009

Conestoga Wagon, June 1958

Oops! I forgot to publish this at my usual time, sorry this is late!

Here's a photo that bears a strong resemblance to several vintage Disneyland postcards! It shows the ol' Conestoga Wagon as it travels through the harsh desert. The must wash that wagon's covering with Tide, because it is whiter than white. In the old days, settlers rode in the back of the wagons with one elbow out so that the Indians would have something to aim at, which was mighty neighborly. The desert heat can sometimes do funny things, like make you think that a straw hat was emerging from the bottom of the frame. But that would be plum loco!

Well, they're out of the desert (so you can stop worrying!), and from the looks of all that greenery and water, they made it to Oregon. Now it's time to build the first mini-mall, where you can buy a burrito and get your nails done. Oh beautiful for spacious skies....

Who feels like dancing? Not me! I just ate and I have to wait 1/2 hour. But these hardy Indian dancers were always up for a show, and they had an audience hungry for a taste of the old west. Look at all those clean-cut children; boys with buzz cuts, girls with poofy dresses. Behind them, Frontierland does a pretty good job of looking like... well, the frontier!


Let's Talk Knott's said...

Great Post! It's almost hard to beleive that Disneyland had such simple pleasures as wagon and mule rides when you look at all the hi-tech fanfare they have today. I love that first photo. Isn't that rock arch in the background still at the park?

TokyoMagic! said...

This post was worth the wait! Incredible pic of the Conestoga Wagon. And Major, I'm always telling you this, but your commentary continues to make me laugh. Thank you! LTK, that arch on the right is still there, but the one on the left has been removed. I wonder if someone out there can tell us....wasn't that arch on the left removed even before NW Mine Train closed? I don't really remember that from riding back in the day, but I thought I've seen pictures from the seventies where it's already missing....not sure though.

Anonymous said...

whew thank goodness they made it to Oregon! Otherwise the ride woulda been a bust.

Wonder what that sign says on the left side of the top wagon pic.

In the Indian dance pic, I like that kid on the right standing behind the blond kid, with his hands on his hips looking like a miniature of his daddy. :)