Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skull Rock, February 1962

One of my fondest childhood memories from Disneyland was passing through Fantasyland at night and seeing the wonderful Skull Rock. It wasn't scary, just cool! The waterfalls splashing around it, and that eerie green glow coming from the eyes (I'll have a photo of that for you one of these days!)... just a fantastic thing to look at.

Here is Skull Rock by day, and it is still pretty nice. Hidden by all of the foliage is the dining area. As much as I loved the Pirate Ship, I would have chosen to eat in the shady green surroundings, with the sound of rushing water all around. You can see somebody to the right giving their feet a break.

Here's an unusual side angle. If I was a pirate, this is definitely where I would have my hideout!


spajadigit said...

That second one is amazing- What a rare view of the skull. Thanks for sharing!

TokyoMagic! said...

I always love seeing pics of this area, but it is also very frustrating. There was NO reason for this area to be bulldozed! It would have fit in just fine with the New Fantasyland of 1983. The Dumbo attraction could have been relocated somwhere else. At one point, when they were planning to build a Dumbo themed area, it was supposed to be moved there (where the Fantasyland Theater/Videopolis/Princess Fantasy Faire or whatever they are calling it these days ended up being built.) They should have gone ahead and moved it there. Sorry, but I just REALLY miss Skull Rock and the pirate ship and photographs always remind me of just how wonderful this area really was.

By the way, Major.....the side angle shot is EXTRA, cool!

Thufer said...

it was always a treat to take time and have a bite to eat at skull rock. the 'green eyes' are also a special memory. thank you.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome photos Major, Thanks.

TokyoMagic said it best, there was no reason to remove Skull Rock. There is just a lame little waterfall and some rocks in this area now. They could have eliminated the seating (since they destroyed the Pirate Ship) and just kept the Skull, I Know the theme does match the "new" Fantasyland, but when has that stopped Disney?

Anonymous said...

Oo kewl.

Look at that sign in the 2nd pic. Isn't that perfect? Brilliant design all over the place.

Thanks as ever for the delightful pics Maj!

Nancy said...

wish i had seen Skull Rock; it was a very imaginative project, a shame they didnt feel the same :(

thanks for the nice images