Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fantasyland, June 1969

We've been spending a lot of time in the 1950's on this blog. But today we jump to June, 1969, for a couple of views of Fantasyland.

The Skyway's buckets are now rectangular and more roomy (although perhaps a little lacking in the charm?). I've often wondered if there was any consideration to making the flat, industrial roof of the castle something a bit more interesting? They probably figured (correctly) that if one side was more interesting than the other, the guests would'nt waste their time looking at the lesser view. Behind the Pirate Ship you can just make out the sandy shore that had some treasure chests and other

Now our feet are back on terra firma, and we get yet another nice shot of that darn tuna boat. You'd think that there was a law saying that you HAD to take a picture of it!


Anonymous said...

it's funny, but of all the things to remember, I remember the "rock" benches the old gentleman is sitting on in the pic.

An impression from seeing many of your pics in this blog. I'm struck by how the park seemed to reach a maturity right near the end of Walt's life and has to me a kind of maturity about it by 69. Almost like its pretty much "complete" and most changes since just make it different instead of most all being for the better as it was during Walt's time.

except for the Fantasyland facades. That seemed a kind of completion it still lacked. I do get the feeling I would've rather they retained Hook's ship & skull rock through the remodel, it seems to belong, and skull rock had already given it a remodel that the rest of the land lacked.

Of course if it were there now, Hook and Peter prooobably would've lost their ship to Cap'n Jack Sparrow! hehe

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post, I too was stuck by memories of those rock benches! My first memories of Fantasyland are the "tuna boat" and the surrounding area, circa 1969 just like your photos, thanks for the memories!

TokyoMagic! said...

I agree with Chiana one hundred percent...the New Fantasyland of 1983 was an improvement EXCEPT for the removal of Captain Hook's Galley and Skull Rock! I miss them both!!! There is no reason why they couldn't have remained. They should have found another location for Dumbo (like where it was originally going to be moved when they were planning to build "Circusland") I know the Imagineers said they were supposedly going to rebuild the ship near the end of Storybook Land and reroute the boats around it in what they were calling "phase two" of the New Fantasyland, but they should have known that the people in charge of the money were never going to follow through and allow them to do it.