Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tom Sawyer Island, January 1960

I didn't have a lot of time to spend on today's post, and I'm sure it will feel that way when you are all done(which will be in about 15 seconds). Sorry!

Anyway, today we'll take a look at this photo of Tom Sawyer Island from 1960. A raft is loading up for the return trip (I assume, since so many people are facing towards us), and some other folks are on the dock to the right, trying to catch a trout (it looks like somebody might have a bite!). Waaaay to the right and in the distance, folks are headed through the tunnel to the Indian Village (passing through a tunnel is always a cool idea). But what's going on in the distance to the right?

There are cranes and trucks and maybe a generator, presumably on the shore and not on TSI. What could be going on? I think that this is all part of the construction at Rainbow Ridge and the rest of Nature's Wonderland (see this post for another shot from the same series). I love any kind of construction shot!

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Anonymous said...

The south point of the island looked better when just the mill sat there. I've always felt that the Fantasmic building and stage "junked up" the view of the island from the mainland.