Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New York World's Fair Assortment

I know, I know, you guys want Disneyland every day. But like life, this blog doesn't always give you what you want! So you are stuck with some random images from the 1964 World's Fair today.

Here's a nice shot (and closer than usual) of the Travel and Transporation building with its distinctive cratered-moon roof. I would be very happy living in a building that looked like a green moon! Inside this dome a Cinerama movie called "To the Moon and Beyond" was shown, exploring "man's environment from the nucleus of the atom to outer space." Elsewhere there was a "Flying Saucers" show combining live actors and film, as well as skindiving actors performing a drama based on the show "Sea Hunt". Sounds like a pretty cool pavilion! And it was located right near Futurama and Ford's Magic Skyway.

My apologies for the blur, but I thought that this was an unsual view that was interesting enough to post. It has to be from the Magic Skyway, appearing after guests had seen the International Gardens, but before they would have seen the "Autoparts Harmonic". I am guessing that this was one of four life-sized dioramas delineating the qualities of "Performance, Dependability, Style, and Quality"; based on descriptions that I've seen, this one probably represents "Quality". But I could be wrong!

And finally, a look at one of the old-timey vehicles from Avis' Antique Car Ride. I wonder if Arrow Development, a frequent partner in designing Disneyland attractions, had anything to do with this ride? It looks very similar to the ride that Knott's Berry Farm had, as well as other rides at many other amusement parks. This one would qualify as an "off the shelf" attraction I suppose, but I know that kids just love to drive miniature cars!


TokyoMagic! said...

I just recently discovered your site and have been enjoying your vintage pics very much. Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Those are stock arrow cars. In addition to their custom work for Disneyland and other early theme parks, Arrow produced stock carnival rides for dozens and dozens of small amusement parks around the country. Carousels and cars were their big sellers. Some of these cars (pictured) actually came from Pleasure Island, one of C.V. Wood's parks, which had recently fallen on hard financial times. The cars are basically a small electric motor and a buzz bar.

The Viewliner Limited said...

More wonderful pics from the NYWF. The Travel and Transportation was the ultimate Cinerama Dome. Thanks Major. Great Americana.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Major!

You are correct about the Ford Pavilion photo. It was indeed the "Quality" display, and it was the last of the four upramp displays that visitors saw as they were transported to the second floor of the Wonder Rotunda.

Immediately after the upramp, vistors saw a mirrored display of 3 Model T's - with the mirrors creating the illusion of millions of cars on an assembly line.

Then there was another display featuring photos of famous people throughout the previous 6 or 7 decades, a manufacturing story display, and then the Autoparts Orchestra and finally the Magic Skyway loading area.

Great Stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well, I.........DON'T like to drive miniature cars. I only like to drive real, FULL SIZE cars. Try posting pictures of THOSE on your site and see how many comments you get!