Thursday, July 03, 2008

Matterhorn, Undated

The Mighty Matterhorn. I'll bet you haven't seen a photo of it in at least four minutes! But I don't care what you say, I still like the pictures. Since we're on the left, we are heading into the icy caverns towards Tomorrowland. What nobody has ever revealed is this amazing secret: After passing through these caverns you emerged exactly seven minutes younger than you had been before! It worked in both directions too. It's a mystery; I think it is related to "pyramid power". Some say that this is why the Skyway was eventually removed. This same magical power is what drew the abominable snowman to live inside the heart of the mountain.

Here's a nice full-length portrait of the time machine! This was in the pre-Yeti days, but in an amazing coincidence, the woman in the foreground was named Margaret Yeti. Her shades hide the glowing red eyes.


spajadigit said...

That second picture (Of Ms. Yeti) is quite lovely. You can really see how the snowline has dropped the older this attraction got.


Katella Gate said...

Well, here it is just after midnight and I find that I am NOT the first post-meridian post poster, which has become my habit and wont. Mr. S-digit has beaten me to it. *sigh* Don't you creative types need to be in bed by 9 or something?

Now if there's something Disney does well, its fake rocks... and I am sincere. Yesterday on this very site we had the Knott's Sky Jump from 1977 with a great look-down on the Log Ride in its own fake ferro-concrete mountain. And the operative word here is fake. It looks like a dollip of cottage cheese left to dry in the sun.

But the Disney rock work... well. Here we are 50 years later and it still looks like the Rock of Gibraltar. Gorgeous.

Matt said...

I'm so glad I got to ride the Skyway before they too it out.